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Afghan Blue Sky [USA , Long Island City, New York ] - Handicraft
The company is dedicated in helping the Afghan refugees who fledto Pakistan; a promise Islamudin made ten years ago. The companybegan importing handmade and knitted gloves that were made byAfghan refugees, and the profits were used to help and supportthe Afghan people. By 1997, the business expanded into importinghand knitted sweaters from Equador, Boliva, and Peru. Afterrequests from customers to import summer line clothing,Islamudin began selling sarongs, dresses, and petite clothing.Recently, the company began to sell handmade jewelry from afghanistanand Indonesia.Our products are made from fine fabrics around the world. Allour clothing is handmade and/or hand knitted. Our fabrics arestamped or painted by hand on pieces of fabric. All of oursarongs and dresses are cut from these fabrics. Great precisionis made by hand to make these fabrics identical. But becauseour fabrics are handmade and painted with natural dyes and colors,we cannot guarantee that the colors of our products in ourcatalog will be identical to the products you will receive.Slight color variation is normal when you purchase fine fabricsfrom Afghan Blue Sky.

Afghan Wireless Offices [Afghanistan , Kabul ] - Telecom
Afghan Wireless is the nation's largest provider of telecommunicationsservices, with GSM mobile networks in four Afghan cities: Kabul, Herat,Mazar-i-sharif and Kandahar. The company launched Afghanistan's firstwireless communications service in April 2002. Afghan Wireless islicensed to provide GSM service nationally until 2018. It is a jointventure between Telephone Systems International, Inc. and theMinistry of Communications.

ARC Construction Company, LLC. [Afghanistan , Kabul ] - Construction
Afghanistan Reconstruction Company, LLC ("ARC") is bringinginternational resources together with Afghan business andnonbusiness leaders to help rebuild Afghanistan's economy.ARC has attracted a core of experienced businessmen committedto reconstructing Afghanistan's physical infrastructure andreviving Afghan business and commercial institutions.ARC is currently establishing an extensive network throughoutthe country founded on maximizing local Afghan participation.ARC is controlled by several members of the Afghan diasporain USA, Europe and Middle East with a distinguished Afghanheritage. ARC has already deployed a large amount ofcapital through several projects. ARC fully intends to deployadditional capital of its own and to attract both publicand private capital to the rebuilding task ahead.

Ariana Afghan Airlines [Afghanistan , Kabul ] - Travel
Ariana Afghan Airlines was established in January 1955. An Americancommercial pilot relocated several war-surplus Dakota Aircraft toAfghanistan which he had been operating as a private air servicein afghanistan after the end of World War ll. Prior to that there hadbeen no air service for passengers within Afghanistan, eventhough the Royal Afghan Air Force had been in for some years.The utility of air travel was soon recognized by the AfghanGovernment, and the airlines was incorporated more formallyas "Ariana Afghan Airlines".

Kabul Bank [Afghanistan , Kabul ] - Finance
Kabul Bank is incorporated in 14th March 2004 at Kabul inAfghanistan. The Bank received the commercial Banking Licensefrom the Da Afghanistan Bank (Central Bank) on 26th June2004. The Corporate Office of the Bank is functioning atNo. 10-42, Turabaz Khan, Share-e-naw, Kabul, Afghanistan.The Bank is exclusively promoted by prominent Afghan businessmen.Mr. Sherkhan Farnood is the Chairman of the Bank. The Bankoffers a wide range of banking products and financial servicesto corporate and retail customers. The Bank is poised to meetthe challenges in the competitive scenario in the Afghan bankingindustry through its various delivery tools, and taking itsstrides towards universal Banking. Operating from itsheadquarters in Kabul, the bank will initially provide facilitiesfor inward and outward remittances as well as cashier services,current account and checking facilities.Kabul Bank is looking not only at the local business community,but also provide for the financing needs of overseasAfghan nationals including their remittance requirements.Promoted by Afghan people with a solid base in Afghanistanhaving in-depth knowledge of the local masses, the Bank hasalso immediate plans to cater to the financial requirementsof the agricultural community and retail traders.

Roshan [Afghanistan , Kabul ] - Telecom
Roshan is committed to providing Afghanistan with GSM servicesof the highest quality. With a total planned investment ofover US$120 million over the next decade, we have developedan aggressive phased network roll-out plan to bring coverageto Afghans from all over the nation. In phase one, Roshanhas made an initial investment of US$55 million to providecoverage in the six main cities: Kabul, Herat, Kandahar,Mazar-i-Sharif, Jalalabad and Kunduz. Now, Roshan is wellinto phase two of development and has already launched theRoshan network in six additional cities; Bagram, Charikar,Pul-e-Alam, Bamyan, Gardez and Ghazni. Roshan expects tohave 20 cities live before the end of 2004.

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