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Category: Services

P.E.D.R. (Algeria) Ltd.
Cite Frantz Fanon, Bt 30 No 07
35100 - Boumerdes
Algeria (Tel) (Fax)

Petroleum Exploration Data Recovery (Algeria) Limited, known as "P.E.D.R. (Algeria) Ltd" and commonly called "P.E.D.R", is an Algerian company located at Boumerdes (the Petroleum Industry Town of Algeria). The company started its activities in 1996, and took its current name in 1999. From the beginning, the company focused, with success, on meeting the expanded need to use old E & P data by providing an appropriate link between this data and today's new interpretation technology. Although P.E.D.R. (Algeria) Ltd. is an independent company, it remains firmly linked with the North Africa market, and with all progress on this matter. Services provided by P.E.D.R. (Algeria) Ltd. are specially oriented to help any Petroleum Company to take greater advantage, in cost and in time, of available data.

Category: Consulting
BDO Gendrot-Eldjama
Centre des affaires de Zeralda
Avenue des Frères Boussalem
Tel: (00)
Fax: (00)

BDO GENDROT ELDJAMA is an Audit and Consulting firm incorporated under the act of commerce of Algeria by BDO GENDROT the French BDO partner and BELAID ELDJAMA Public Accountant and Cma Canada. BDO GENDROT ELDJAMA is member of BDO INTERNATIONAL witch is now present in Algeria as the 99th country.


  • Advice on start-ups
  • Preparation of investment project files for Public authorities and banks
  • Comprehensive assistance for foreign investors
  • Valuations
  • Privatization and negotiation
  • Strategic planning
  • Legal advice
  • Tax planning
  • Review and advice in business strategy
  • Assistance in decision making process
  • Financial analysis
  • Financial reporting
  • Mergers, Acquisitions and Divestitures
  • Feasibility analysis
  • Litigation support

Category: Energy
Route des dunes Chéraga. Tipaza
BP 73
Tel: +213-21 36 09 69 à 75
Fax: +213-21 36 07 86

Marketing and distribution of petroleum products and derived, in particular fuels and lubricants.

Category: Energy

BO 206 – 207
Hassi-Messaoud, wilaya of Ouargla
Tel: 213 (0) 29 73 88 50 à 55
Fax: 213 (0) 29 73 84 06

Inheriting drilling heritage after the reorganization of petroleum sector, ENTP, use the honored title from the elder in the SONATRACH filial. ENTP has the ability of 35 years of experiences in drilling, essentially in Algerian Sahara, punctuated by deserving mission in Tanzania, Albania, Yemen and Tunisia. This experience ability rises up at 2000 work over and at 1400 drillings which 39 horizontal drillings. The ENTP service situates in front gas and petroleum production and sometimes at besides, when occurred testing hole eruption such as ZARZAITINE in 1972 and 1979 and Rhoud Nouss in 1987.

The ENTP dynamism is reinforced by share holder decisions to raise imperatively the social capital ( shares ) which is past over from 40 millions to 2400 millions Dinars ( local money ).

Category: Industry

Tel : 213 (0) 31 66 49 89 / 66 43 39 / 66 49 88
Fax : 213 (0) 31 66 48 84 / 85

Enasel is the largest Algerian producer and distributor of salt. The registered office of Enasel is located in Constantine. Its production comes from the 5 salt-water marshes located in Béthioua (Oran), Sidi Bouziane (Relizane), Guergour Lamri (Sétif), El Méghaïer (El Oued) and Ouled Zouaï (Oum el Bouaghi) for an annual quantity of 300.000 tons of solar salt and a rock salt refinery of 50.000 tons located in El Outaya (Biskra).

Its production concerns all fields of activity, namely : food, agriculture, pharmacy, cosmetic, industry, water processing and snow-clearing.

Enasel has a manpower of 1100 agents for its 9 distribution and production units spread throughout the national territory.

Category: Chemicals

Group headquarters
Route des Salines BP 326
23000 ANNABA
Tel : (213) (0) 38 52 14 00 ( direct line)
Fax: (213) ( 0) 38 52 24 00

With a vision to acquire self-sufficiency in fertilizer production, Asmidal Fertilizer Company was created in September 1984 from the restructuring process of the oil Company Sonatrach Group. In December 1996, It became a Society by Shares (SPA) and its shares capital stands at 2,3 billions AD, wholly owned by the state

With its production potential, Asmidal is acting as the leader within the local market, satisfying most of the agriculture needs and ranking as one of the most dynamic exporting Algerian companies with a wide-range quality of fertilizers.. The group holds capabilities, know-how and experience, which allow him to become a potential partner for any future joint-ventures.

Asmidal is looking for potential partners with whom to achieve the revamping of the existing production plants and to implement new plants in partnership. This will allow the company to respond to the continuously growing nitrogen demand and will guarantee its existence and its perennial activity.

Category: Energy

National Enterprise of iron and phosphate
ZHUN II- BP 112-12000 Tébessa,
Tel: 213 (037) 49 47 82
Fax: 213 (037) 49 10 50

FERPHOS is one of the most important miner enterprises in Algeria. In her mines exploitation activities, phosphate, iron and pouzzolane , FERPHOS uses the most recent methods and technology , searches the best , employs qualified men , integrated and motivated. Based on three miner resources : phosphate, iron ore and pouzzolane , and the solutions which respond the customers reqcuierments, FERPHOS follows an increased strategy. To be done, FERPHOS works on segments of local market with strong evolution potential and on those of the international market which form real opportunities for the development and the increase of the market parts. With this strategic orientation , FERPHOS aims to re-inforce and maintain her position as a leader of her sector by the permanent improvement of her competition and her innovation capacity.

Category: Energy

BP 83
30500 Ouaragla

ENSP (Entreprise de Services aux Puits) is a large group of several divisions,

each one of them commited to provide a segment of oil well services to the petroleum industry in Algeria. The services are offered to the customer on the following basis.

- Performance of the job on a call basis under customer
supervision whit ENSP supplying the equipment requested.

- Equipment and personnel rental on an exclusive basis.

-Specialzed personnel rental to customer for supervision, consultancy or any assistance in collaboration with customer technical staff.

-ENSP is oranised in a decentralized service units working under the umbrella of group.

-This autonomy confers to the different divisions the possibility to operate very efficient way.

The majority of divisions are operating since 1970.and provide exploration and developpment services to the algerian market.

Topic: Packaging
Company: Bio-Oasis
Address: 12 Bd Zaatcha Biskra
Zipcode: 07000
City: Biskra
Country: Algeria
Tel: 0021361530835
Fax: 0021333747090
Description: We are one of the largest producers/processors of
Deglet Nour dates in Algeria.
We are interested in buying clear plastic cups with lids. The cups
and lids can be thermoformed (PETE) or injection molded (PP). PP
must be clear.
The dimensions of these items are as follows:
* 48 oz. clear plastic round cups: 6.875" Diameter X 3.125" (175 mm
Dia X 79.4 mm)
* 7" clear plastic flat lids: 6.9375" Dia (176.2 mm)
* Shrink band to fit the dimensions above (this band is only
required for thermoformed parts)
NOTE: For the injection molded cups, the lid may be designed to be
temper proof. In other words, once closed it will require breaking
the seal around the lid.
We require 20, 000 units per month (or 240, 000 per year) of each
item listed above. The first shipment of 80, 000 units is required
by early March 2004. Please note that these orders are intended for
If you need further information regarding this request please don’t
hesitate to send me an e-mail.

Topic: Agriculture
Company: Appromed
Address: B N 30 Cam Annaba
Zipcode: 23000
City: Annaba
Country: Algeria
Tel: 00213 38 84 81 18
Fax: 00213 38 84 81 18
Description: We have electric cable low and medium tension.

Topic: Trade
Company: Import Plywood
Address: Algeria
Zipcode: 19000
City: Setif
Country: Algeria
Tel: 00+21336919725
Fax: 00+21336919725
Description: We are a Algerian company imports plywood DBB/CC
1.20x2.440 thickness 3.6 mm to 18 mm.

Economy overview (CIA)
The hydrocarbons sector is the backbone of the economy, accounting for roughly 60% of budget revenues, 30% of GDP, and over 95% of export earnings. Algeria has the seventh-largest reserves of natural gas in the world and is the second-largest gas exporter; it ranks 14th in oil reserves. Economic policy reforms supported by the IMF and debt rescheduling from the Paris Club in the past decade have helped improve Algeria's financial and macroeconomic indicators. Because of sustained high oil prices in the past three years, Algeria's finances have further benefited from substantial trade surpluses and record foreign exchange reserves. Real GDP has risen due to higher oil output and increased government spending. The government's continued efforts to diversify the economy by attracting foreign and domestic investment outside the energy sector, however, has had little success in reducing high unemployment and improving living standards. Structural reform within the economy moves ahead slowly.

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