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Aaa - M V F Consultoria [Brazil , Belo Horizonte ] - Food
Natural tropical fruit juice free of preservatives or additives, ready to drink, non refrigerated, produced in compliance with the latest standards in the world food industry, featuring 12 different flavors.Packages:Cartons 1000 ml - 33.80 fl ozCartons 200 ml - 6.76 fl ozGlass Bottles 250 ml - 8.45 fl ozCans 335 ml - 11.33 fl oz

Adler Martins [Brazil , Belo Horizonte ] - Food
Our company is specialized in producing a large variety of best quality fruit pulp, including guava, mango and papaya. The flavor is lightly acid and sweet, and the shelf life is 12 months at room temperature, once it' s packed in aseptic bags. The pulp is transported inside drums with 224, 72 Kg (GrW) and 210 Kg (Net W), and it's available right now. In a 40' container fits 117 druns, and in a 20' container 72. Our prices right now are ( FOB, port of shipment: Rio de janeiro):

Aguas Sta Ines [Brazil , Pres. Prudente ] - Food
We are a mineral water co. interest in export water and expand our market. We are looking for importers, partners. We have bottle of 500 ml., 1L., 5L. but we can desenvolve your size of bottle. Please contact us by email or phone. We have good prices.

Aguiar Trading [Brazil , Caxias Do Sul Rs ] - Industry
We are manufactures of solid metal bed, and bunk bed frames as well as wooden bed head tops in Brazil. We have thirty years of experience. We offer quality, and good prices as well. We would like to send you Information about our line of products. If you are interested please let us know. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Allcomex Internacional Ltda [Brazil , S?o Paulo ] - Raw
The Eucalipito Citriodora is a species of tree cultivated for industrial purpose with and cultivated legalized, projected plantations with the purpose of substitution of explored native wood improperly to the long one of the years for clandestine lumber.Today the market of these wood as mahogany, jatob?, ip? etc little are found for commercialization become them expensive and in small lots. Already the Eucalipito Citriodora is one of the species of eucalipito of a fan of 03 species, one of them is of low resistance and durability and with much rind, another one is alone for extration of cellulose and the Citriodora that has high resistance and durability, which was has about 15 years behind stimulated the plantation for the government foreseeing these lacks and mainly aiming at the external market. The Citriodora is a robust tree arriving up to 15 meters of height that stops reaching the adult age of cut takes at the very least 10 years.

Aluminio Condor Ltda [Brazil , Divinopolis/Mg ] - Others
Aluminium Molten Casseroles from Brazil. We produce Aluminium Molten Casseroles since 1991 in Brazil. Now we are starting our efforts to reach new markets. We can supply with 3000 kits of 4 casseroles per month.

Amazon Trading Co., Ltd. [Brazil , Brasilia Df ] - Food
Agaricus Blazei mushrroms, excellent quality, from Brazil, for export.

Amf Brazil [Brazil , Rio De Janeiro ] - Garment
The Brazilian swimwear is a success around the world because of its beauty and quality. We offer to its clients the most beautiful Brazilian bikinis, fitness clothes, purses and bijouterie. We work with first quality raw material and have a specialized staff worried about punctuality and customers satisfaction. We also take care of all the process of the exportation, documents, customs, and we can produce for your private label.

Apv-Com Imp Exp Repr Ltda [Brazil , S?o Paulo ] - Agriculture
We would like to offer organic product's that our company represent with exclusive the largest "agro organic industry

Artefatos Mobilli Ltda [Brazil , Caxias Do Sul ] - Industry
We manufacture leather office chairs and office furniture. Products made in Brazil, high quality, prices very competitive to Asian similars. Looking for international representatives or distributors/ importers. High production volume capacity.

Astel Do Brasil [Brazil , Sao Paulo/Sp ] -
A class agaricus blazei murillUltra high grade dried (bulk shipment) for tea preparationUS$140.00 per kg FOB Sao Paulo (minimum order 20 kg).B class Agaricus Blazei Murill Bulk dried raw material for capsules, extracts, etc. US$90.00 per kg FOB Sao Paulo (minimum order 50 kg).

Ativa Com. Imp. Exp Ltda [Brazil , Belo Horizonte ] - Construction
We are a agent of Brazilian manufacturer of slate stones and quartzite stones.

Bahama Trading Company Ltda. [Brazil , Curitiba ] - Agriculture
We would like to introduce ourselves as a trading company based in Curitiba/ Parana State – Brazil. We have been working in the internal market for many years and have lots of experience in the import-export business. Besides to be a Trading, we own 2 farms in Northeast Brazil, where we have a production of melons, mangoes, and other fruits, as you can check in our site. We represent one of the biggest apple producer based in South Brazil, which contributes with 7% of all national production totalizing 45.000 tons in 2003. Part of the production is exported to USA, Germany, France and Holland. The apples have an excellent quality. Starting from February/2004, we have apples (varieties Fuji and Gala) to offer. If you are interested, please don?t hesitate to contact us.

Braston [Brazil , Salvador ] - Trade
We are a traditional company of Brasilian stones in Bahia state, we have specials kind of granite, contact us if you want blocks, slabs, tombstones or tiles from Brazil we can send by e-mail photos from quarries, blocks and tombstones, I'll be a pleasure help you.

Brazilian Slate [Brazil , Caxias Do Sul ] - Construction
We are suppliers of best quality slate stone in Brazil, all of our products come from our own quarries. For more information please contact us, and we will reply right the way.

Cacha?a [Brazil , Rio De Janeiro ] - Food
I would like to offer you Brasilia products. They are very welcome in other countries like South Africa, and all Europe. There is a beverage here that doesn’t exist in any other country. It’s called Cacha?a. Its alcohol, and it’s made only here in Brazil. It’s very good, the taste is strong and powerful. Very alcohol, it’s good to warm up hard winter in Europe and North Europe as well as Russia and others. It’s cheap, very cheap, in some it’s wonderful business I can assure you.

Caninha Oncinha [Brazil , Ourinhos ] - Others
The most famous Brazilian national spirit, made from distilled sugar cane, now appers to a trendy, and has gained popularity on an international level. The quality achieved in this way forms the ideal basis for the best caipirinha. We are looking for a solid Company Distributor to represent our product out of Brazil, with opportunity exclusive business.

Carpet Chic [Brazil , Niteroi ] - Garment
We are importer off polypropylene and polyester yarns and non woven. We pay cash advanced. Buyer in Brazil and USA. Recycling textile company are welcome.

Casa Criativa [Brazil , Rio De Janeiro ] - Gift and Handcraft Industry
Embroidered towels with satin ribbon interlaced (guest hand size, hand size and face size), an unique and luxury towel. Baby tricot shoes and booties with pearl or lace ornaments Crochet bath rugs and crochet table center all handcraft products. We have pictures of all our products.

Ccc Imp. Exp. Ltda [Brazil , Criciuma ] - Chemicals
Paints and refinish paints thinner 2750.

Cebrax [Brazil , Belo Horizonte ] - Agriculture
We are from Brazil. We would like to invite you to know a little about our product: high quality coffee from Brazil. There

Cebrax Com?rcio Exterior [Brazil , Belo Horizonte ] - Food
Specializes in international trade, exporting fruit pulp NFC - gourmet and organic coffee – propolis - agaricus blazei mushrooms - granite. Our mission is to serve our international clientele offering high quality products and services in a timely and efficient way. We are open to any queries and additional information regarding our products We are looking forward your reply and hope to establish a lasting and productive business relationship.

Cia Providencia Industria E Comercio [Brazil , Sao Jose Dos Pinhais ] - Garment
Our product is composed by Nonwoven spunbonded and spunbonded/ meltblown, such as S, SS, SSS, SMS and SSMMSS with weights from 10 to 150 g/m2 and widths from 100 to 4200 millimeters, with special treatments to diapers (baby or geriatric), tampons, disposable medical, agriculture and others.

Coopex Brazilian Trade [Brazil , Jaboat?o ] - Garment
We are a trade organization looking for opportunities overseas. Our main product is women's jeans. We are based on the northeastern of Brazil, in a jeans industry area. Our product has a very high quality, the design of a Brazilian styled jeans, and at a very low cost, which makes it special. We believe that ours jeans is a good marketing opportunity. If you want to know more about our products, please contact us.

D4b [Brazil , Sao Paulo ] - Computers
QuartzParameter Unit ResultsSilica (SiO2) % 99, 8Aluminum (Al2O3)% 0, 047Iron (Fe2O3) % <0, 001Titanium (TiO2) % 0, 004Calcium (CaO) % <0, 001Magnesium (MgO) % <0, 001.

Daro Exports [Brazil , Vargem Grande, Paulista ] - Art and crafts
Suppliers of top quality hammocks (hand-made, hand finished) fine quality Brazilian table linens, hand-made in traditional designs, including lacework, crochet, satin stitch, openwork, etc.Other Brazilian handcrafts also available. Agents for Brazilian cosmetics made from 100% natural ingredients, free from animal products.

Data Brasil [Brazil , Rio De Janeiro ] - Agriculture
Brazilian sugar: we sell all the kinds of Brazilian

Detect International Business [Brazil , Porto Alegre ] - ngineering and Manufacturing Industry
We are a Trade company looking for importers of furniture. We are exclusively selling furniture made by a factory localized in the southern most part of Brazil, known to be one the most competitive region on the furniture segment in the world. We can offer furniture at very competitive prices. We have furniture designed by the factory specialists and we are able to develop products for the importers according to their market needs. Our furniture has a Classic design, great finishing and detailed work.

Ebr Inter Import Export [Brazil , Bahia ] - Trade
We offer: Fruits, juices, shrimps, raw pharmaceutical products, leather, coconut products, alluminium, steel, cattle meet, active carbon (coconut and palm nut), etc. Consultor for find a representation, distributor, products or to find company in our country. We are seek of code fish and wine of all countries.

Embaplan Embalagens Planejadas Ltda. [Brazil , S?o Paulo ] - Toys
Please allow us to introduce ourselves as manufacturers and publishers of Krazy ClingersŪ, an educational and entertaining literature for children from 3 to 8 years old, speakers of any language. Krazy Clingers are said to be Magic because they can be clinged on and off endlessly and without any glue, on their specific story board, collection albuns or on any shiny and clean surfaces like metal, glass, tiles, wood, book-covers and even photos, offering no mess! Children have fun and make the best of their imagination and creativity moving the clingers around to tell their own stories. We export from Brazil and are looking for distributors worldwide. Great Opportunity - Don't miss it!- 8 different themes- FOB Brazil from US$ 0, 95 per unit- Counter Display Box with 215 units.

Entreposto Comercial Do Brazil [Brazil , Pernambucoo ] - Construction
We represent a group of companies. Our strategy is to provide products and service with excellence to our customers. Our key success factor is to offer products of high quality combined with large experience in traditional and technological sectors of the Brazilian market. One of the companies of our group is responsible for the manufacturing and conception of: - prefabricated wooden houses, villas and larger development projects; - furniture and fittings in exotic, tropical, noble hardwood furnishings - Tables and chairs; furniture and decoration; garden furniture and shelving; - Semi-finished products; beds; bedsteads and mattresses; rustic furnishings - Decorative objects for the house, office and garden in Hardwood. Other products we export are - All types of timber and wood from Brazil - furniture and fittings - wood - semi-finished products and components - undressed wood, planed timber, wooden products such as windows - furnishing supplies, wood undressed and sawn and treated - wooden products with or without final finishing, with exact specifications of our purchasers under order. We are looking for a reseller / dealer we would like you to fell free to request any further information you need, and would like to assure you that our company is looking forward to future cooperation in any field you fell appropriated.

Expogran Brasilian Granite Export [Brazil , Sao Paulo - Sp ] - Construction
We've been exporting Brazilian granites since 1990.We offer Brazilian granites in all color of rock, slabs or tile, in any quantity and worldwide. Please feel free to ask for our catalog or put your inquiry. We have the best prices!!!

Extratec [Brazil , Sorocaba ] - Agriculture
Offer of commodities. Soybean, coffee, frozen chicken. Medicine and stimulant plants. Guarana, propolis, honey, soybean oil.

Fanex [Brazil , Campo Bom - Rs ] - Industry
We are a exporter company of sandals and shoes in leather upper from brazil. Please see our web site, specially wood bottom styles.

Fatty Acids [Brazil , Ponta Grossa ] - Chemicals
Soua Fatty Acid Distillate - SFAD850 USD PMTFCL 20' FOB Paranagua - South Brazil.

Federal Cargo Brasil [Brazil , Belo Horizonte ] - Agriculture
We are a Brazilian supplier of cane sugar of all types, soy and corn beans, wheat, vegetables oils and all types of Brazilian foods.

Feitoam?o [Brazil , S?o Paulo ] - Art and crafts
Palavras-Chave: artesanatos, redes de algod?o, tapetes, colchas, mantas, algod?o, redes de cadeiras, bolsas artesanais, nordeste.

Fitotrade International Ltd [Brazil , Novo Hamburgo ] - Food
We are a Brazil based company since 1979, we are looking importer for our halal frozen chicken, also ather meats. Please, contact me for more details if you are looking for: frozen chicken hallal grade a brand kik chick sizes 800 grs to 1500 grms, 10 birds per carton.

Fluxx Logistics Ltda [Brazil , Rio De Janeiro ] - Food
We are a group of companies incorporated in Brazil - Rio de Janeiro South America and would like to offer export water in Gallon of 20 litre.We believe our products are perfect, good quality, nice production, price competitive.

Fornos Genga (Industrial Ovens) [Brazil , Sao Caetano Do Sul ] - Others
Manufacturing of industrial ovens.

Fundic?o Dezani [Brazil , S?o Paulo ] - Art and crafts
We have honor of presenting our collection of costume jewellery of rings.Having been regarded as a traditional company in the Brazil market for more than a decade and waiting on over 500 custers, we wish to disclose our potential as well as the value of our products.Therefore, we would gladly like to invite you to know our collection, which holds over 120 pieces made in gold, white gold, silver and zirconia, by accessing our home page.

Global Movers Ltd [Brazil , Balneario Camboriu ] - Others
We export any kind of furniture component from Brazilian industry. Incoterm: Usually under FOB.

Global Neg?cios Internacionais [Brazil , Varginha - Minas Gerais ] - Food
What kind of coffee do you have interest: roasted, green, etc? Do you have interest in specialty and organic coffees?If your answer is yes, contact us. We can offer you coffee directly from the grower.

Global Partners [Brazil , Brusque ] - Computers
I have interested in buy cartridge empty original used or not hp, not recycled. Models: 51629a, 51649a, 6614a, 8727a, 8728a.

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