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Aceinfiniti [Singapore , Singapore ] - Electronics
We are an international export company deal in with CDR and DVDR. Unbranded and Branded, IFPI coded and / or Philips licensed products available, FOB Singapore.

Ags Solutions Pte Ltd [Singapore , Singapore ] - Computers
Singapore company is appointed to represent a product BIZ i-Board in Southeast Asia. Basically, the BIZ i-Board is an interactive intelligent whiteboard which will turn a normal computer presentation ALIVE! It is a very useful and powerful tool for teaching, training, presenting and meeting.We are keen to work closely with your company to synergies and to integrate into your existing product range and offers your end user / customer a wider selection and more complete solutions.

Akati Impex Pte Ltd [Singapore , 637603 ] - Raw
First of all, we would like to introduce ourselves as one of the top exporters in Singapore supplying good quality tropical hardwood plywood, particleboard and MDF. (Consented by singapore Trad development Board). We have seven subsidiary companies in Malaysia distributing plywood, MDF and particleboard and each have their own warehouse, With our vast network, we are able to purchase in bulk orders from different plywood mills at very competitive price. We have a big warehouse in Singapore, which enable us to provide immediate shipment once the order is confirm. We are very flexible on the quantity of material you order. It would be our real pleasure and honor if we have the chance to work together with you to enhance mutual business growth in the near future.Please do not hesitate to call us or fax to us your plywood, particleboard or MDF inquiries & we will reply you in the shortest possible time.

Anbest Marketing [Singapore , Singapore ] - Electronics
We can supply Japan "Akai" brand DVD player, CD player, VCD player, MP3 Player and etc at very competitive prices. Those who are interested, please kindly contact me. We also have our own/OEM brand DVD player, VCD player and etc at very good price/quality. Those who are interested, pls contact me.

Ancer Automotive [Singapore , Singapore ] - Electronics
Electricity saver device, save 30% of usual electric usage. Suitable for homes, offices, shops, etc... Good rate for large quantity.

Anntai Pte Ltd [Singapore , Singapore ] - Auto
Major importer and exporter of all kinds of bearings from Japan, Europe, America, Eastern Europe and China. We are very keen to contact all bearing importers who can give us the opportunity to become one of your regular suppliers. Please send your list of enquiries and all replies assured. Alternatively, we could send our offer list upon request for your selection of items needed.

Asia Polyfilm (S) Pte Ltd [Singapore , Loyang Industrial Estate ] - Packaging
We are glad to introduce ourselves as one of the established HDPE/LDPE Bag’s Manufacturer in Singapore (since 1994) and specialize in all kind of bag making. We are now the main supplier of plastic bags for local major supermarket and do export our products to some neighboring country. Large capacity of 3000 tons per annum. Together with our experience and quality assurance, we are looking forward to be one of yours regular supplier and hope our services will fulfill your requirement.

Asian Joint (Seven) Import & Export [Singapore , Singapore ] - Finance
Finance - 90 Days LC AT sight for lease. We have unused LC facilities and we can open any type of LC for your business or trading. Min amount must be above USD 1 Million. Follows are some of the type of LC we can open 1. Back to Back LC against your incoming LC 2. At Sight LC against your Usance LC 30 to 180days 3. Red Clause LC 4. Unconditional SBLC /BG against ICPU or Conditional SWIFT 5. Conditional SBLC/BG against ICPU or Unconditional SWIFT 6. SBLC against Conditional SWIFT.

Benzene International [Singapore , Singapore ] - Telecom
We are singapore registered exporters of mobile phones.. Pls advise if you are interested in importing the same.Ex Stock SingaporeNokia - New 2100, 3530, 3610, 3650, 6610, 7210, 7250, 7650, 8910.Other models such as Siemens, Panasonic, Motorola, Samsung etc also available.

Biolite Systems Singapore [Singapore , Singapore ] - Computers
We export/supply computer components like CPU's, memory, hard disk, main boards, graphic cards, sound cards, casing, monitors, refurbised HDD, monitors, CDR, CDROM, CDRW, DVD, DVDRW, diskette drives, fax modems, remark CPU's and components, inkjects, printers, softwares, and more.We are a listed reseller for HDD such as Maxtor & Segate, and CPU's for Intel. We ship worldwide.

Bloompac International Pte Ltd [Singapore , Singapore ] - Computers
Leading distribution and trading company based in Singapore. We are able to supply all leading brands of computer notebook & options, PDA and handhelds, Inkjet/laser and dot matrix printers, printer consumables and storage medias. Company also distributes a wide range of video gaming console system, gaming software and accessories.

Blue Circle International [Singapore , Singapore ] - Electronics
Offer country distributorship license for our patented portable handphone charger using car cigarette lighter. Good for small business start up with purchasing power of at least US$20, 000 only. Profit margin is 40%.

Bosun Tools Singapore Pte Ltd [Singapore , Singapore ] - Industry
Export-centered enterprise as well as a leading manufacturer and supplier of Diamond Tools. We specialize in diamond cutting tools for the stone and construction industry. All our products from our company are well received for fast speed, smooth chipping, long life, safety and reliability and have been certified by MPA of Germany. Our Company had also passed the attestation of ISO 9002 in the year of 2000. We are actively expanding our distributor network. We are confident that you will seize this opportunity to realize substantial savings and service for your organization by establishing a direct relationship with the manufacturer. Please feel free to log onto our website to see all the ranges of products we provide. In the meantime if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me. We shall be please to send you any further information you may need. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Bravery Trading & Distribution Pte Ltd [Singapore , Singapore 349327 ] - Food
Authentic Indian curry-ready to cookAflonso mango juiceSauteed onion.

Canada Bbq Pte Ltd [Singapore , Singapore ] - Food
Our company is looking for distributors in Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines who are looking for a great opportunity to distribute gas barbecues. What we are offering is a top quality but extremely price competitive product, full marketing and product knowledge support mechanisms, full LPG (liquid propane gas) vendor and regulator supplier relationships, and a turn key branding, marketing, and positioning strategy. We can place someone into the market for training and sales support purposes on a demand ad hoc basis. Full product warranty, parts and service support are but a few of the other offerings. These markets are poorly developed, competitors' product very expensive and of generally inferior quality. We estimate that a conservative figure for first year sales would be in the range of 6, 000 BBQ's for each country. Operating and marketing costs are low, and the product can be tailored to a particular buyer's needs.

Cartel Singapore [Singapore , ] - Auto
We are a Singapore-based exporter of used cars. We are well-versed in all makes and models and are keen to explore further business opportunities in Europe.

Cerebral Technologies [Singapore , Singapore ] - Engineering and Manufacturing Industry
We offer customized software applications. We specialize in delivering the right software application that will best suit your operations at a very affordable cost.

City Vehicle Impex (Singapore) Pte Ltd [Singapore , Singapore ] - Auto
We are a company in Singapore that provides procurement services for overseas clients that wish to buy quality used cars from us. Our company has been doing car business for more than twenty years and we are also a recognized company for car alignment . As a private company, we are one of the largest in Singapore having nine workshops premises near the Land Transport Authority of Singapore, Please drop us a line if you have models of cars that you are looking for and we shall be most happy to provide informations and quotations to you.

Cjw Holding International [Singapore , Singapore ] - Agriculture
We can supply competitively priced prilled or granular UREA direct from Russian manufacturers. We have allocation for more than 3 million MT per year. Packed in 50KG bag. Prefer yearly contract of at least 12, 500MT per month. Payment by confirmed, transferable, revolving at sight DLC issued by top prime bank. We give guarantee performance bond to the end buyer upon signing of contract. Price range from US$95 to US$125/MT CNF basis depending on qty. If you are the end buyer or buyer's mandate, please send us your LOI to receive our FCO and draft contract.

Computer System Integrators Pte Ltd [Singapore , Singapore ] - Computers
We are distributors of original Compaq memory for servers. Stocks available for following512MB (256MBx2) kit Part no: 300678-B21 @ US$179.001GB (512MBx2) kit Part no: 300679-B21 @ US$420.00 All Prices are in US Dollars, Ex-Store Singapore.

Corn & Wheat Mfg. Pte. Ltd. [Singapore , Singapore ] - Raw
If you are looking for scrap, we have also currently have a stock lot of Regrind Flakes Black carbon-filled PC Injection Grade with capacity 23 MT Per month at USD405/MT FOB Singapore. Long term supply guaranty.This are very good quality regrind flakes, clean and free from contamination, these regrind flakes are from Entegris USA HDD media case.

Csi Pte Ltd [Singapore , Singapore ] - Computers
We have excess stocks of IBM 9068 Teller machine

Cybraine Pte Ltd [Singapore , Singapore ] - Computers
1. CDRs brandless (Minimum Qty 1 Million) @ USD 0.10 / unit. FOB India (Office)2. PIII 1.7 Ghz, Complete with 30Gb Hdd, CD rom drive, built in sound, display, modem and network card, keyboard, mouse and 15" monitor. Qty 500 @ S$400. FOB Singapore (Office)3. Software development services from US90 per man day.

Dannies Electronics Pte Ltd [Singapore , Singapore ] - Electronics
We are importer and exporter of brand name consumer electronic. We can offer followings items:Samsung DVD-E218 AT USD 65, DVD- V90K AT USD 150Aiwa walkman HS-RM186 AT USD 10.60, PM-183 USD 7.60, RM-226 USD 12.80RM-436 USD 17.80Panasonic new video camera, GS-11 USD410, GS-15 USD 491, GS-33 USD 491Sony new camera HC-20E USD 523, HC-30E USD 595, HC-40E USD 675.

Delacamp Singapore [Singapore , Singapore ] - Electronics
A leading supplier of components to the remanufacturing industry worldwide. Nowadays company specializes in the distribution of components for laser printer cartridges in addition to components and spare parts for copier machines. Our products are gained good reputation for the highest quality and competitive prices. We are looking for partners who are interested in this field.

Eastwind Trading Int'l Pte Ltd [Singapore , Singapore ] - Others
We export toiletries, cosmetics products, used Japan car, spare parts for car. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more details.

Elect-Chemical & Electronics Pte Ltd [Singapore , ] - Electronics
We are the manufacturer of the ferrite related products and is offering the following products with very competitive prices. OEM enquiries are also welcomed;Ferrite cores, ferrite clamps for cables, ferrite sleeves, wire wound chip inductors, multilayer chip inductors, chip beads, ferrite beads, toroid coils, SMD/leaded power choke coils, etc... customized to meet your most stringent requirement.

Eltron Interconnection System Pte Ltd [Singapore , Singapore ] - Electronics
Manufacturer of connectors, wire harness & moulded cable USB, 1394, FFC, FPC, wire to board connector & board to board connector SIM card, CF card, SD card & etc.

Enzer Electronics Pte Ltd [Singapore , Singapore ] - Electronics
We are a public listed company currently marketing and distributing consumer products under our own brand in Singapore, our product group includes corded and cordless telephones, digital telephones, portable compact disc players, desktop DVD/VCD players, mini compos, multimedia speakers, radio cassette recorder and home theatre system etc. We offered clean stylish design, quality products at affordable prices.

Ess Cee ( S ) Pte Ltd [Singapore , Singapore ] - Electronics
World's leading exporter of original made electronic components audio - video - TV, Highly specialized in Optical Pick-Ups.

Fafa Universe [Singapore , Sg ] - Gift And Handcraft Industry
Euro Mix fashion crystal jewelry designer & manufacturer, wholesale. Pls kindly contact with your email address for information Singapore.

Favorin Enterprise [Singapore , Singapore ] - Electronics
Special offer for Canon Digital Camera A70(Exstock) at USD$240.00 with minimum order 100 pcs.Offer ends on 31/12/2003.We have all kinds of products ranging from audio hi-fi systems, car stereo and speakers, camcorders, color televisions, DVD players, VCR, air conditioners, home appliances and electronics accessories. Please email us for quotation.

Fischer Pacific Supplies [Singapore , Singapore ] - Trade
We represent manufacturers in Asia to promote and market their products worldwide. For Aquarama 2003, we would like to introduce our Aquado product line, aquarium furniture equipped with custom designed filtering and lighting systems. We believed that you will be interested in our product.Aquado integrates the aquarium with a standard piece of furniture, thus saving space while providing a new, stylish experience to the modern household. The integrated filtering system makes Aquado easy to maintain thus requiring minimum attention. Comes with various designs, sizes and colors and fully customizable, Aquado will fit into any household or office environment.Aquado is now selling in various Asian countries and around the Gulf regions and we are sure that it would be a great potential in your market as well.We are keen to see if we can work together on distributing this product. Do contact us for further details and discussions on opportunities of working partnerships.

Fix-All Computer Connection [Singapore , Singapore ] - Computers
Fix-all computer connection offers computer peripherals such as LCD monitors, casing, cooling fans, power supply, sound cards, speakers, DVD drives, CD-RW drives, combo drives, wireless products, modems, rams and much more. Do contact us for further information. We give the best customer service in all areas.

Fleur Connection [Singapore , Singapore ] - Agriculture
Lucky bamboo direct from China. We export quality lucky bamboo from China. Curly/spiral or layered lucky bamboo. We also export cycas revoluta bulbs as well as pachira.

Fleur Connection [Singapore , Singapore ] - Agriculture
Lucky bamboo direct from ChinaWe are exporting good quality lucky bamboo - straight / curly / spiral / layered and other plants like pachira, cycas revoluta bulbs. If you are already in this business and would like to find a reliable supplier who can compete in term of quality and pricing, please do contact me by email.

Food Empire Holdings Ltd. [Singapore , Singapore ] - Food
We have recently launched our brand of popular potato crisps called 'Kracks' for which we require distributors in Africa. Interested parties may contact.

Glo-Well (Sea) Pte Ltd [Singapore , Singapore ] - Computers
X-Pointer II - Wireless Presentation AssistantX-Pointer II functions as a laser pointer and a PC remote control. It operates like a keyboard or a mouse, allowing you to "enter" or "point and click". Uses RF transmission on 433Mhz with device ID so no interference will be experienced. Able to work on PC, MAC and Linux. Comes with built in memory stick of 64Flash Memory, allows you to carry data for presentations. Meets the standard USB 1.1 or 2.0, CE approved. Please contact us for more details on MOQ, Price and Support. Flash Memory, allows you to carry data for presentations. Meets the standard USB 1.1 or 2.0, CE approved. Please contact us for more details on MOQ, Price and Support.
Hoitfatt Industrial Pte Ltd. [Singapore , Singapore ] - Packaging
We are the largest CD Jewel cases and DVD cases Manufacturer in Singapore and Malaysia.We produce many types of cases for local as well as export market.Our cases are for manual as well as for auto-packing machines.Prices are reasonable as we produce in large volume.

Hosea Marine Services [Singapore , Jurong ] - Sports
We are wholesale exporters of footballs, basketballs, rugby balls, volley balls, and beach balls. Footballs & rugby balls are all hand-stitched, to world class standards. Our prices are very competitive. Check us out.

Hosea Marine Services [Singapore , Jurong ] - Sports
We are wholesale exporters of all types of balls, martial arts equipment.

Hotcard Technology Pte Ltd [Singapore , ] - Computers
Established Singaporean concern with expertise in embedded OCR (Optical Character Recognition )technology, especially for handheld devices like PDAs, scanner pens, mobile phones and toy. Hotcard is capable of extracting information in great accuracy for both English and Chinese (simplified and traditional) characters (more European languages will be added in later version). We are looking for business partner to become Distributor of our products in the European markets. Our major product is business card recognition & contact management tool. It is easy to scan and recognize multilingual business cards and adds them to the contact database, individually or in batches. With this database, users can easily retrieve the name cards through the powerful search features, simply by entering any keyword on cards in English, Chinese or even Hanyu Pinyin. Under synchronization features users can transfer the database to Palm, WinCE devices or other PDAs. Insofar, our product has received good review and market feedback from existing clients and trade show visitors and trade show visitors.Our approach in dealing with potential distributor/reseller is flexible. Being a manufacturer and developer of the technology, we can work out an attractive pricing structure that allows your company good profit margin. Besides, we are continuously researching and developing new and innovative products for the commercial world with a single mindedness of concentrating on the mobile computing market.

Hubeiefeng Die & Mould Co, Ltd [Singapore , Singapore ] - Engineering and Manufacturing Industry
Are you looking for a reliable mould maker who can fabricate good quality & low cost injection moulds for your company? We specialized in design & fabricate of all kind of UPVC pipe fitting injection moulds, household product moulds & all kind of electronic product casing moulds with ISO standard and competitive price.If you have any enquiries, please reply and we can have a good start in business.

I Vision Pte Ltd [Singapore , Singapore ] - Computers
We have been appointed to see all the marketing of CDR by the manufacturer. We can produce 120M of CDR. We also have Philips license CDR upon request The price can be as low as US$0.08/pcs.

I Vision Pte. Ltd. [Singapore , Singapore ] - Electronics
1.) 5.1 surround headphone with decoder2.) Wireless 2.4Ghz headphone3.) Wireless RF earphone4.) HotAir inflatable speakers.

Inc Asia Pte Ltd [Singapore , Singapore ] - Health
We manufacture and export disposable such as masks, gloves, undergarments, gowns, wipes and other health and clean room products.

Independent Brokerage Consultants [Singapore , Singapore ] - Trade
We are in need of low ash metallurgical coke of ash content 12% max. We request you to send your offer at the earliest.

Infiniti International Pte Ltd [Singapore , Singapore ] - Electronics
Sell CDR (Singapore) Grade A, blank, unbranded, without

Informatics Holding Limtied [Singapore , Singapore ] - Others
Establish since 1983, we are the one of the most successful training and education service provider that is listed in the Stock Exchange of Singapore. Through its international franchise programs and strategic acquisitions, the company has proliferated into a global network of more then 450 centers in 44 countries.We are currently prospecting for a Regional Master Franchisee, who is keen to set up a child development center or a computer learning center but lack the know-how. We at YLG are able to offer our technical know-how in setting up and operating the centers. We also have the curriculum needed in the nuturing of young minds. As a Regional Master Franchisee, you will also be able to source for Sub-Franchisees as another source of revenue.

Inno Synergy Pte Ltd [Singapore , Singapore ] - Food
We are a manufacturer of a wide variety of rice noodles and vermicelli. We have noodle-making factories located in Singapore and Thailand. We genuinely hope to enhance your already well-established name (perhaps targeting the Asians withing your Community) with products that we are proud of.Since 1942, our rice noodle and vermicelli have been the top selling brand in Singapore, Thailand and Australia.Our products are healthy, free from artificial colors and preservatives.We are keen to establish a long term trusting relationship with you by supplying our renowned and superior-grade rice noodles.

Ioloi International Pte Ltd [Singapore , Singapore ] - Computers
We carry all range of CD & DVD duplicators.

Iworld Telecom [Singapore , Singapore ] - Electronics
My company is dealing with mobile phone battery for Nokia Samsung Ericsson Motorola n Siemens at a very competitive price. Nokia battery 8210 US2.50 3310 uS2.50 7210 US3.00 6100 US3.50.

J.P.Electronics Pte Ltd [Singapore , Singapore ] - Telecom
We have caller ID---10000, useful for any telecom related companies kindly send us yr enquiries.

Ka Engineering & Trading (S) Pte Ltd. [Singapore , Singapore ] - Finance
We are having good quality & different varieties of red chilli (whole) for export, we shall provide any large quantity as you needed.

Kewalram Chanrai Group [Singapore , Singapore ] - Garment
Our group companies can offer high quality embroidery fabrics, Embroidery all overs, TC laces, Net laces, guipure laces, embroidered bed linen/ home linen, curtains, motifs, various types of yarn such as TC, PV, polyester, rayon, blended and specialty yarn as well as high quality garments. We currently cater to most customers in USA and Europe. We have world class manufacturing units in the South east Asian region and can meet your requirements on a competitive basis.

Khai Kong Industrial(S) Pte Ltd [Singapore , Singapore ] - Industry
Hair - beauty - spa furniture & equipment.

Lcsh International [Singapore , Singapore ] - Trade
We are a trading company and are looking for partners with whom we can work together to promote business in sectors like the hotel equipment and supplies, amenities etc. Please contact us for additional information.

Lindeteves Equipment Pte Ltd [Singapore , Singapore ] - Construction
We have a wide range of construction and earth moving machinery to offer. Some of our product list includes cranes, passenger hoists, excavators, bulldozers, forklifts etc. Please do contact me if you have any such requirement.

Linh_International Pte Ltd [Singapore , Singapore ] - Gift and Handcraft Industry
Popular sailor clock with various sizes and colors. We also provide others kinds of ship crafts related products. For more information, please email for images of our wide range of products.

Link World Inc. [Singapore , ] - Trade
Our company specialize in trading exotic art pieces and crafts (e.g. lacquer ware, ceramic, cravings & shawls) from different parts of Asia. We welcome all enquiries from individual buyers to wholesalers.

Magnetone Singapore Pte Ltd [Singapore , Singapore ] -
Magnetone is a leading manufacturer and distributor of compatible printer cartridge components for the remanufacturing industry. We manufacture our own range of synergy blades (doctor blade), magnetic rollers, aluminium seals (OEM-style) and chemicals (PCR cleaner, OPC drum cleaner, MAG roller coating, wiper blade lubricant & conductive grease) and distribute a wide range of other critical components, including bottled/bulk monochrome and colour toners, wiper/doctor blades, OPC drums, seals, reset chips, primary charge rollers, fuser film sleeves and other replacement felts, foams, clips and parts. Please fee free to contact us for more details.

Manrich Enterprises [Singapore , ] - Others
We export animal feed, fishmeal, corn gluten meal, corn germ dregs, bloodmeal, wheat pollard, whey powder, zeolite cotton seed extraction meal urea 46n, copra cake, coir fibre.

Marathon Supply [Singapore , Singapore ] - Art and crafts
We are the manufacturer for the decorative wireless doorbell chime, we also have 1) decorative clock, 2) decor lamp, 3) keybox and 4) fancy night-light, all item are very attractive in term of design and price. We are looking for distributors worldwide.

Msi Connections Private Limited [Singapore , Singapore ] - Food
We are looking for importers for our product range as follows:- Unique 4-in-1 instant coffee with agaricus extract- Unique 2-in-1 organic grade rooibos tea with agaricus extract- New & healthy agaricus tea- Edible camellia oil(better than olive but slightly lower price)Thank you and we welcome further queries from interested parties.

N&T System Furniture Constructor [Singapore , Singapore ] - Others
Manufacturer from Asia (Singapore), produces wide range of office furniture, chairs, open plan system furniture, partition, conference tables, cabinets.

Newpost Office Supplies [Singapore , Singapore ] - Others
We are fabricators and exporters of: S/S retractable queue stands/hook posts, quick poster frames, standingS/S waste bins and other office supplies.We are seeking for aggressive agents/importers in many countries.

Nippon Koi Farm Pte Ltd [Singapore , Singapore ] - Others
Pond rental services (deep nature-ponds), pond accessories, pandan plants, fish medicines, koi food, louhan food, flower horns (louhan, imported from Malaysia), japanese koi (directly imported from Japan), jumbo koi, fairy koi, cha koi, kohaku, sanke, showa, tancho, gin rin, kawarimono, hikarimuji, hikari utsuri, hikarimoyo, utsurimono, parrot chilids.

Noi Creations [Singapore , Singapore ] - Telecom
My company represents manufacturers from China for mobile phones and related accessories, ink cartridges of brand printers, garments/textiles, stuff toys. I would like to connect with companies who are in this relevant industry and who are interested to be sole-distributors for mobile phones manufactured in China and also for related products or to make an offer to purchase the above mentioned products.

Orient Prim Pte. Ltd. [Singapore , Singapore ] - Engineering and Manufacturing Industry
I would like to take this opportunity to introduce our 5 colour automatic screen printer, SP-6.It is a 5 colours automated screen printer fitted with 5 print heads & 5 UV curing units. Also not to be missed opportunity as we're offering a special discount & the price is US$43, 888/- (FOB Singapore). Should U require more product details, pls do not hesitate to contact us directly at email.

Prime Energy Corporation Pte Ltd [Singapore , Singapore ] - Food
Ground nut oil (crude or refined)Indian Origin (good quality)Can supply regular quantitiesShipped in containers for any port in Europe Packed in flexibagCompetitive price.

Quek Tong Huat Brother Trading Co. [Singapore , Singapore ] - Food
We are the manufacturer and exporter in Singapore. Our products: Satay Sauce and Satay Powder. Packing size: 340gm bottled(sauce), 250gm bottled (powder) and 1kg bag(sauce and powder) Taste: Creamy, Spicy, Vegetarian It is halal certified and in the process of ISO and HACCP certification. We are keen to look for importers / agents in U.S.A, U.K, Germany and middle-east countries.

Rimco Trading Pte Ltd [Singapore , ] - Garment
Manufacturer and wholeseller of infant to children's wear from age 0 to 16 years. We design and made Children garments. Our products are manufactured in China, India and Korea. We specialize in

Rls Trading [Singapore , Singapore ] - Computers
We are the main distributor in Asia of this manufacturing company in China that manufactured compatible ink cartridge/toner for most of the branded printer. Our products are cheap, reliable and quality assurance. We are looking for serious partnership in Europe. Apart from this ink cartridge, we also source out products for our customers base in Asia. Our other common product is auto-mobile air conditioning parts like compressors, tube etc.

Rukmini Dwarkadhish Enterprises [Singapore , Singapore ] - Electronics
We are dealing with latest technology mobile phones/ DVD's/ digicameras/ video cameras/ laptops/ Apple Ipods of all brands, as well as interested in exporting to you.

Sinhua Hock Kee Trading (S) Pte Ltd [Singapore , Singapore ] - Food
Potato chips in canister packaging like Pringles offering USd 8.50 FOB China, FDA approved, taste almost like Pringles. Looking for distributors in various countries.Unbelievable price! If you have quantity of 2 40fcl per month, i can lower by usd$0.10.

Sitech Solutions (Singapore) Pte Ltd [Singapore , Singapore ] - Chemicals
Grade A CDR/DVD R Media from 3 largest China media manufacturers with monthly production capacity 15 - 18 million CDs from Singapore trading firm. Best price and quality assured. Clients include Samsung and OEM. Factory visit welcome. Samples upon request. Also deal with Made in China DVD players, hi-fi system, home theatre systems. OEM welcome.

Supplier Sourcing [Singapore , ] - Consulting
We provide sourcing services to match you with low cost quality producers in Asia for any plastic-molded products you seek (we have a wide network of contacts in the plastics industry). No cost upfront! You pay nothing until you are satisfied we have done a good job. Plse check out our website for details.

Suraja Services [Singapore , Singapore ] - Food
We are leading international trading firms having well-established contacts regionally and also internationally. We could supply you the good quality of following items listed below of any quantity demanded. Terms and conditions are negotiable according to the trading lots.List of items we deal with1) Raw cashew nuts of Different counts2) Masala powders and Spices powders3) Red Dried chillies and chilly powders4) Food snacks like - Muruku5) Packed food stuffs like - Appallam, Vadam, Vadagam6) Religious and spritual goods like Brass metal Lamps, Metal stands, Incense sticks stands, Prayer items and pooja items.7) Silk sarees and other garments.

Tanah Emas Concepts Pte Ltd [Singapore , ] - Computers
We are based in Singapore and international distributors for Norhtec Corporation. We have a line of very small footprint and energy efficient computers that can save 90% in energy costs. We cover all territories except USA, Canada, India, Thailand, Malaysia and Japan. We have also have thin client models and those that are suitable for servers and embedded functions. As they are ALL capable of being run off a DC power supply, their range of applications are tremendous...even suitable for military and remote area use. We are looking to appoint a country distributor for your region and invite you to visit our website for more details of our product line.

Toa E&I Singapore Ptd Ltd [Singapore , Singapore ] - Electronics
We are the fast growing company dealing on home appliances, electronics components and plastic components.Now, we are looking for agent or partner in USA to sell our products and services. You may find more details about our company at www.***Only home appliances are not included because this is our latest project.

Total Sigma International [Singapore , Singapore ] - Gift and Handcraft Industry
This is what we have:1) Branded goods with full paper or without paper2) Latest range of shells fashion jewelries3) Closeout productsFor more information, please check out our website.

Traderasia Singapore Pte Ltd [Singapore , Singapore ] - Computers
Singapore based registered company operated locally and in 3 major countries, they are China, Hong Kong & Taiwan. We have been trading in all kinds of products. We also help worldwide clients to source their requirements direct from factories all over the world. The values we bring to our clients are: we speak their language, understand their culture, but most important of all, we have our own staff there in these countries to ensure the quality of goods and reliability of the manufacturers. You can have peace of mind when you deal through us. Products that we market/export for 6 manufacturing plants are, 1. New Toshiba, Dell & IBM Laptops (Notebooks with Warranty) 2. LCD Monitors with warranty 3. Pepper seeds, cereals, sesame seeds, coffee beans, 4. Agar wood, Vanilla & Merbau Wood from Indonesia 5. Highest Grade (CDR/CDRW/DVDR/FLOPPY DISKETTE & CASING) with and without licenses 6. Alloy Chrome Sports Rims for all Cars 7. Steam Coal, Power.

Trix Innovation [Singapore , ] - Telecom
We specialize in brand new and also refurbish GSM Grade A Mobile phones at factory price. Quality so good that our customers sell them as new phones with full package. Nokia 8310, 3310, 8850, and much more other models like Siemens, Ericsson, Samsung, Motorola and Alcatel and CDMA phones.

Tt International Limited [Singapore , Sinapore ] - Electronics
Exporter Brands: Sony, Sharp, Panasonic, Aiwa, JVC, AKIRA, LG, Pioneer, Samsung.

Uniquedeco Pte Ltd [Singapore , Singapore ] - Food
We export to China, Thailand, Europe, Singapore etc. Lychee is very sweet with very small seed. Prices are very competitive and we have quality control to ensure product is of good quality. We hope to establish long term business relationship. Next season is longan. We also carry dry fruits and fresh fruit, fresh seafood, sashimi and long grain rice. Lychee 1.Size: 60-65 pcs/ kg

V Point International [Singapore , Singapore ] - Trade
We are a trading firm in Singapore. We are currently looking for supplier from Thailand for Durian.

Way Company Pte Ltd [Singapore , Singapore ] - Others
Haircare, beautycare and personal care our business is your business. From concept to completion. Product development since 1981 ISO9001 certified. Small and large runs available.

Wee Kiat Development Pte Ltd [Singapore , Singapore ] - Food
We are exporting various spices/food ingredients to International markets for the past 30 years. We are in good position to supply vanilla beans, nutmeg, black & white peppers, cloves, clove stems, cassia sticks/broken/powder, dried ginger, cardamons, cumin seeds, fennel seeds, garlic granules etc. We are also exporting incense/aromatherapy raw materials such as sandalwood chips and sandalwood oil. We also supply cassia oil, eucalyptus oil. Please contact us if you have enquiries for the above items.

Work Equipments Pte Ltd [Singapore , Singapore ] - Construction
We are wholesalers for stone marbles (slabs, cuts or design) with our own quarries in China. All deals are through our Singapore head office. We can supply both in quantity & quality to all over the world. We are now looking for dealers / distributors to carry our stock.

X-Biz Enterprise [Singapore , Singapore ] - Auto
We have all kinds of wireless hands free kits suitable for all mobile phones, i.e. Infra transmit/ bluetooth/ RF transmit, etc. Currently, our major export focus is on carbaby wireless hands free kit which is truly hands free and universal. The product is true plug and play device which requires zero installation.Below is the information on carbaby:1. Crystal clear sound 2. Transform mobile phone into speakerphone 3. Usable wherever there is radio 4. Allow multi-user conferencing 5. Truly wireless & Plug N Play 6. No installation requirement 7. Minimum any possible radiation 8. Talking time (continuous) to 10 hours (approx) 9. Standby time to 30 days (approx) 10. Available distance for transmission around 3 meters. 11. Beaming power<5dBm. 12. Frequency Station Options @ 88.7MHZ / 106.4MHZ 13. Smallest wireless handsfree in the world (less than half the size of a Nokia 8310) 14. Meets the international CE and FCC standards and approval.

Xzyte Marketing Services [Singapore , Singapore ] - Agriculture
We are to supply unblended or raw honey. Different types of honey to export. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more details.

Yulian Trading [Singapore , Singapore ] - Others
Our company is primarily involved in producing garbage bags. We are seeking trade partners to start new business deals and strive to work towards developing strong, mutual relationships.We are engaged in manufacturing all specifications of star-sealed garbage bags, HDPE/LDPE/LLDPE sheets and perforated rolls of garbage bags. Colours are mainly available in black, grey and white. Other colours can be explored upon customers' requisitions.

Zhang Peng International [Singapore , Singapore ] - Food
Manufactures and exports high quality of acesulfame potassium (acesulfame K, Ace-k, A-K, E950). The energy is 0 KJ/g. It is suitable for diabetics. Acesulfame potassium is extensively used in carbonated beverages, non-carbonated beverages, ice-cream, confectionery, desserts, gelatins, chewing gum, fruit nectars, fruit preserves, marinated fish, beverage concentrates, marmalade & jam, toothpaste & mouthwash, tabletop sweeteners, baked goods, pharmaceuticals, dairy products, and pickled vegetables etc.

Zhang Peng International [Singapore , Singapore ] - Health
Aloe vera based series productsWe exports high purity of aloe vera based products:- Whole leaf aloe vera powder- diced aloe gel

Zhang Peng International [Singapore , Singapore ] - Food
Manufactures and exports high quality of Acesulfame K. It has no calorie and is suitable for diabetics. The main advantages are natural taste, no calorie, high solubility, no side effect, and excellent synergistic effect when using in combination with other sweet additives.Acesulfame Potassium is extensively used in carbonated beverages, non-carbonated beverages, ice-cream, confectionery, desserts, gelatins, chewing gum, fruit nectars, fruit preserves, marinated fish, beverage concentrates, marmalade & jam, toothpaste & mouthwash, tabletop sweeteners, baked goods, pharmaceuticals, dairy products, and pickled vegetables etc.

Zhuhai Sanjin Pte Ltd [Singapore , ] - Others
Our company is a direct OEM manufacturer/exporter of VCD/SVCD/DVD packaged with software/MiDi VCD karaoke player/AV amplifier with DTS/micro hifi with CD, VCD, MP3/portable VCD and CD player with MP3/Car CD player with VCD, MP3 and Car CD adaptor. Not only that, we also are able to custom-made to customer's requirements. We are proud to inform you that we are the OEM maker for SANSUI brand of Japan. Our latest product which is currently making waves in Southeast Asia as well as some parts of the US and Europe are Midi Karaoke Player, Professional Karaoke Amplifiers and Professional Karaoke Speaker. Some special features of our MiDi Karaoke players are compatible with VCD/DVCD/CD and Midi Disc. Also, it has built-in Chinese, English, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, Philippine, Spanish and other languages that can be played in Midi disc. It has a built-in Chinese-English switched screen operation indication, convenient for customers all over the world. This Midi karaoke cater to support up to 15000 songs onto one Midi CD at this machine.

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