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New Best Wire Industrial Co., Ltd. [Taiwan , Tainan Hsien ] - Industry
Manufacturer of wire products including stainless steel wire, carbon steel wire and alloy steel wire for cold forging & heading.

Noveltek Industrial Manufacturing Inc. [Taiwan , Miaoli County ] - Engineering and Manufacturing Industry
Leading company of manufacturing powered and manual operated material handling equipments in Taiwan since 1990. Supplies all series of those models and also manufacture products to customers' special requirement specifications.

Novumtec Eurasian Associated Co. [Taiwan , Taichung ] - Industry
Specifically making high quality wide range bits and accessories for all kind of screws, power tools, machines, hand tools. "GFB" bit at Taiwan price, meet DIN Standard, match any screw heads perfectly is long life bits.

Nu Gassins Corp. [Taiwan , Taipei ] - Gift and Handcraft Industry
Specifications: BG-0023 Round black netting bag BG-0010 White netting bag BG-0022 Black netting bag BG-0009 Rect silver netting bag BG-0011 Rect white netting bag w/beaded handset.There are a good many bags in our company, please visit our website and contact us for details.

Okt Corp. [Taiwan , Taipei City ] - Industry
We was established in Oct, 1988. As a hand tools exporter, our customers are all over the world. We are specialize in sourcing and consolidating for our buyers. Over 140 makers work with us. Our turnover is around US$3, 000, 000 per year. We also do inspections for our buyers in China. We current ship from China at US$1, 500, 000 per year.

Old Captain Corp. [Taiwan , Kaohsiung ] - Others
We are one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of Taiwan sexy adult toy & erotic toys and are enjoying an excellent reputation through eighteen year business experience. Especially welcome OEM & ODM service.

One Giant Enterprise Ltd. [Taiwan , Taipei ] - Engineering and Manufacturing Industry
We are specialized in circular, knitting machine.

Patmax Union Corporation [Taiwan , Taipei Hsien ] - Others
Our company has been established since 1982, We are one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of various auto parts & accessories in Taiwan. Our products are suitable for Japanese, European, American, Korean, and Russian cars. While making your inquiry, please be sure to state car/engine models, name of parts & O. E. No. you want.

Peak Tech Metal Industrial Co., Ltd. [Taiwan , Taipei Hsien ] - Association
All kinds of tungsten carbide unground tips, dies, rectangular carbide blanks, saw tips, JIS standard carbide tips, wood-working forming blanks, punch blanks, fiber cutting tips, drill tips, drawing dies, cold heading dies, nut formers, deep drawing dies, mechanical seals, powder compacting tool nibs, wear parts and impact resisting components.

Peng Lim Enterprise Co., Ltd. [Taiwan , Kaohsiung ] - Health
Over the past decades weat, we have been dedicated to on manufacturing quality dental equipment and have sold our products worldwide.Our products range from handpieces, triple syringes, dental operating lights, scalers, infection control products, laboratory products, glass products, disposable products, a variety of dental unit component parts and accessories, etc.

Petite Eve International Co., Ltd. [Taiwan , Taipei ] - Garment
We are a well-experienced and major ladies' knitted/woven wear of designer labels in Taiwan. Main products: lady’s knitted/woven causal wear, jackets, blouses, t-shirts, pants, dresses & skirts.

Pintech Industry Company Ltd. [Taiwan , Taipei Hsien ] - Industry
We are professional fastener maker. The major products are spring pin, retaining ring, plate nut, clip, washer, coil spring, snap pin, split pin, and stamping parts of auto bike, computer... etc.

Pomtop Corporation [Taiwan , Taipei Hsien ] - Computers
The USB multi-functional hub are including one or two RS-232 port, which to provide excellent serial I/O performance, a printer port or other standard IEEE-1284 peripheral and with two ports VGA splitter supports VGA/SVGA Multisync, one PC-link USB 2.0/1.1 bridge system is you fast solution to peer to peer through the USB port between link two computer, with two to four downstream USB ports to meet user's USB device requirement. 5 ports USB 2.0 Hub+CF/SD/MMC card reader/writer provide you the easiest way to transfer files from the flash memory card to the computer.

Qbas Co., Ltd. [Taiwan , Taipei City ] - Sports
We was establish at 1998, our company have three main product line, (1) Chitosan-chitin division, supply high quality chitin-chitosan product with fair price. (2) Diving accessory-mask, fin & snorkels, our factory located at tijuana city, mexico. (3) Frozen shrimps-we have a shrimp farm at EL Salvador C.A, Supply frozen shrimp all over North America & Europe area.

Reign Power Co., Ltd. [Taiwan , Taipei County ] - Electronics
In 1990, company was established. She immediately conduct her business operations by designing & manufacturing switching power supplies. In 1992, the development and production of a full series of standard power was realized, and the publication of its first catalog completed. The company's yearly income increased by up to 70%. In 1996, true to its goal of developing products that are relevant to the modern world, we started the mass production of lead acid battery chargers, eurocard series and a 500 watts full range power supply. In 1997, in continuance of its goal, currently, we are in the process of developing Ni-Cad battery chargers and power for PC/104; and other products relating to industrial automation purposes and bigger watts of power supplies.

Ruei Tsan Industrial Co., Ltd. [Taiwan , Kaohsiung Hsien ] - Chemicals
Hi-tech surface processing at anti-corrosion service center. We develop to enhance the anti-corrosion capability of metals to save the environmental protection.

Sallas Industrial Co., Ltd. [Taiwan , Taipei City ] - Computers
Taiwan based company and established in 1987. We design, manufacture and supply ergonomic computer accessories and office products, such as keyboard drawer, keyboard support mechanism, organizer drawer, LCD arm, monitor arm, telephone stand, mouse stage, foot rest, gel filled mouse pad and wrist rest, green anti-static dust cover and copy holder etc.

San Huei United Co., Ltd. [Taiwan , Taipei Hsien ] - Health
We started in 1980 and has grown rapidly to become a leading manufacturer in disposable safety and healthcare products with sales in more than 46 countries and totaling of approximately 550 employees with building area up to 18, 500 square meters.

Scepter International Corp. [Taiwan , Kaohsiung ] - Gift and Handcraft Industry
We have our own machines and produce embroidered badges, woven badges, metal pins, key chains, baseball caps, embroidered banners, printed flags, lanyards, T-shirts, Polo-shirts and wallets etc.

Schang Schuai Enterprise Co., Ltd. [Taiwan , Taipei ] - Engineering and Manufacturing Industry
We are specialized in brass, flat plate, self-lubricating sleeve, self-lubricating washer, ball bearing, sleeve, gasket, self-lubricating bearing, oil bearing, sintering, mechanical parts, copper alloy.

Security Group Technology Inc. [Taiwan , Taipei City ] - Electronics
Product ID: SG-34M, 32M, 31M / SG-39M, 35MB/W Camera, Budget Type B/W Camera

Seih-Ying Co., Ltd. [Taiwan , Hsin Chu ] - Electronics
We was established in 1990 and primarily engaged in special glass ware and traffic safety products. Our main products are siglite, reflector, road marking reflector, filter, UV-filter, IR-filter, raised pavement marker.

Seng Din Industrial Co., Ltd. [Taiwan , Taipei Hsien, ] - Engineering and Manufacturing Industry
Our major export products are automatic cereals popping-press machine, rice crackers snack line, corn puff snack line, cracker containing shrimps line, automatic fryer line, potato chips line, peanut cracker plant...etc.

Sharpin Plastic Co., Ltd. [Taiwan , Taipei ] - Industry
Product range:

Sheu Teh Bolts & Nuts Works Co., Ltd. [Taiwan , Tainan Hsien ] - Others
We are a professional screws manufacturer. We have been manufacturing in the field of screws for over 20 years. We pursue high quality and supply customers satisfactory service.

Shih Jia Enterprise Co., Ltd [Taiwan , Taipei ] - Engineering and Manufacturing Industry
We are specialized in plastic covers for toys. Motorcar, sporting equipments, plastic covers for household items.

Shin Shyng Industry Co., Ltd. [Taiwan , Taipei ] - Engineering and Manufacturing Industry
We are specialized in die casting, molding, moulding, car parts, plastic, barometric valve, automobile motorcycle components.

Shin Ta Knitting Machinery Corp. [Taiwan , Taoyuan Hsien ] - Engineering and Manufacturing Industry
We were originally established in knitting industry over 40 years ago. Afterwards, expands its business to include the manufacturing of the circular knitting machine.

Shine Hoard Threading Machines [Taiwan , Taipei ] - Engineering and Manufacturing Industry
We are specialized in professional manufacture auto single-purpose machine, auto threading and single-purpose machine, HD high-speed automatic threading machine, hydraulic slid.

Show Best Corp. [Taiwan , Taipei City ] - Raw
There are multifarious choices of knitted and woven fabrics used in men's and women's garments with competitive prices -including polar fleece, velour, yarn dyed t/r for shirting and suiting, suede, waterproof and breathable microfibre with peach and moss, boucle, polyester stretch matt and melange slub...etc.

Shuenn Bao Shing Corporation [Taiwan , Chang Hua Hsien ] - Health
Our business is the design and manufacture of mask. We also accept OEM for overseas company. Excellent quality, best design and low cost make our products being very competitive in the market.

Shun Sheng Industrial Co., Ltd. [Taiwan , Taipei Hsien ] - Others
We staring to production of lathe machining, press tool mold, kitchen ware items, auto parts, pressure cooking pots and microwave oven. We will keep improving our quality to serve all customers.

Shun Tai Hsing Ind. Co., Ltd. [Taiwan , Taipei ] - Engineering and Manufacturing Industry
We are specialized in die casting, mold, mould.

Shung Fa Iron Works Co., Ltd. [Taiwan , Taichung ] - Engineering and Manufacturing Industry
Established in 1952, and we specialized in manufacturing all kinds of color printing machines and paper-related products machines.1975, we were the first manufacturer in Taiwan to take the lead in self-research and developed cutters and creasers.

Sinjaofu International Corp. [Taiwan , Taipei ] - Others
Established in 1992, we are one of the largest and professional manufacturers of traverse rod and drapery hardware in Asia, with headquarter in Taipei and factory in China. We are well equipped with innovative facilities from the States, Japan and Taiwan. Over the last few years we have been launching into first class technology, workshops, engineering and managerial systems.

Soartek Co., Ltd. [Taiwan , Taipei City ] - Engineering and Manufacturing Industry
Company endeavor to be perfect on quality, service, competition, and responsibly was founded in 1989 by Dr. Corina Su.Our main products are plastic injection molds, investment casting parts, die casting parts...etc.

Soco Machinery Company Ltd. [Taiwan , Taichung ] - Industry
Bar transfer magazine is a ideal machine for chamfering the double end of the tube. It allow for complete automatic operation from the material bin, through the feeding slide and de-burring process to unloading to raise the level of efficiency and maximize your production capabilities.

Soonwell Development Corporation [Taiwan , Taipei ] - Electronics
Features: *Ionizer. *Multi function W-shape electrostatic filter. *Charcoal filter. *Micon touch control panel. *3 speed air flow. *8 hours timer. *Auto shut-off when front cover opened. *Desk-top portable type and wall mounting.As you are interested, please contact us.

Starpoint Inc. [Taiwan , Taipei ] - Engineering and Manufacturing Industry
We are specialized in cutting tools, end mills, oil stone, polishing tools, air grinder.

Sun Everlasting Foundry, Co., Ltd. [Taiwan , Tainan County ] - Industry
The semi-automatic molding method and the high/low frequency induction furnace were introduced to our new factory, and our major products now, are included gray iron and ductile iron casting and subside manufactured heat resistant & wear resistant steel castings.

Sun Mines Electrics Co., Ltd. [Taiwan , Taipei ] - Electronics
Features:*Portable & lightweight.*Maintenance free.*Thermally protected.*Low noise.*Auto stop.*Pressure-adjustable.As you are interested, please visit our website and contact us.

Suncycle Enterprise Co., Ltd. [Taiwan , Taipei City ] - Sports
We export all kinds of complete bicycles, bicycle parts and accessories. Our customers spread all over the world and we obtained much reputation based on our best quality, prompt delivery and excellent service. Our products enjoys high evaluation in bicycle market.

Sundeal International Corp. [Taiwan , Taipei Hsien ] - Chemicals
1.Popular item, fashion style2.Fit for chain store, gift, and promotion.3.Long-lasting, easy install.4.Export over 15 x 40'container per month.5.Welcome OEM/ODM order!!

Sundisk Corporation [Taiwan , Taipei ] - Electronics
1. These are latest two shapes of Handy Compatible controller for using with newly released gaming systems of X-Box & Game Cube.2. Standard color for XB-205 is Black.3. Standard color for GC-001 is purple or black.4. With vibration feedback function.5. With Turbo function (one button).

Sunny Industry Corporation [Taiwan , Taipei ] - Engineering and Manufacturing Industry
We are specialized in mold, mould, molding, molding.

Sunwell Dynamics Resources Corp. [Taiwan , Taipei ] - Health
We are a manufacturer and exporter and we are over 15 years of experience in the various kind of disposable non-woven products. Our products can for medical, industrial and personal use.

Suresafe Technology Inc. [Taiwan , Taipei City ] - Electronics
Looks just like your mobile phone, allows you to carry it anywhere without others aware: in class, in seminar, in shop, place of worship, library, on train or bus during trip, etc.

Switronic Industrial Corp. [Taiwan , Taipei ] - Electronics
0650, 0673, 0695, 0613 Tact Switches Vertical Dip Type, 6 x 6mm.

System General Corporation [Taiwan , Taipei Hsien ] - Electronics
Our innovative energy-saving power ICs are well received by the market. With the corporate vision of "Innovation for a Better Tomorrow", our business goal has always been to provide original products that improve people's lives.

T. Max Industrial Co., Ltd. [Taiwan , Taipei ] - Computers
Was established in Taipei, Taiwan in 1985 specializing in the manufacturing of wooden and plastic storage racks, carrying cases and multimedia audio/video compact discs organizer, computer tables, handbags, sports bags, and luggage in different series.

T.U.I. Tools & Machinery Co., Ltd. [Taiwan , Taipei ] - Industry
We offer products that are both for industrial and home use. The range of professional tools and equipment available are: air tools, air accessories, hand tools, automotive, wood & metal working, power tools & rechargeable tools, hardware, hydraulic equipment, sanding equipment, other newly developed & promotion items.

Ta Chung Machine Co., Ltd. [Taiwan , Taipei ] - Engineering and Manufacturing Industry
We are specialized in chemical engineering, reactor, equipment of gum plant.

Tai Tsun Co., Ltd. [Taiwan , Taipei ] - Others
We are one of the leading manufacturers of car seat covers in Taiwan. We have been working on the improvement of car seating for 10 years and have received very good reputation from supplying high quality seat covers to the local market. Recently, we started to promote our products to foreign markets, and have proven to be affirmative by customers over the world.

Innopro Group Corporation [Taiwan , Taipei Hsien ] - Gift and Handcraft Industry
Professional manufacturer of metal badges, medals, key chains, embroidery patches, fashion jewelry, belts, tie clips, cuff links, caps, promotional items and novelties.

Taiwan Magnetic Corporation Ltd. [Taiwan , Taipei ] - Industry
We supply a variety of magnets, and also can make magnets as per customer's specific requirements. Following are our

Tech Control Enterprise Co., Ltd. [Taiwan , Taipei ] - Construction
We are a manufacturer of sanitary stainless steel fittings and valves. We provide a complete line of quality products that are authorized by USA 3A standards council. Our quality system was audited and meets requirements of ISO-9002. Our products are mostly used in food processing, chemical processing and pharmaceutical industries where sanitary flow controls are necessary.

Ten Pow Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. [Taiwan , Miao Li Hsien ] - Garment
We specialized in manufacturing nylon 6 & 66 staple fiber for textile, non-woven, flocking & carpet usages.

The Landisresort Yangmingshan [Taiwan , Taipei ] - Engineering and Manufacturing Industry
We are specialized in hot springs, restaurants, banquets, conferences, accommodations.

Tot Taiwan Ltd. [Taiwan , Taipei ] - Engineering and Manufacturing Industry
We are a professional manufacturer and exporter of screw driving bits, fastener tools, and a series of patented screw driving attachments/adapters. Reliable service and guaranteed quality.

Triumph Needle Corp. [Taiwan , Taipei Hsien ] - Industry
The "Titanium" system is developed by its unique needle production process and combined with the most advanced needle technology, its special treatment of coating makes it become more durable than coated with Chrome, up to four times life than conventional coating, the wear-resistant needle is ideal for many application and tougher enough to survive the most abrasive condition. We trust in that the tougher we make it, the better you'll like it!

True Young Co., Ltd. [Taiwan , Tainan Hsien ] - Construction
Manufactures of recycled PET fiber, 100% bottle recycled PET fiber, dope dyed PET color fiber, multifunctional PET fiber.

Trump Sports Co., Ltd. [Taiwan , Changhua Hsien ] - Sports
Beginning with shuttlecocks since 1980, now we have expanded lines to rackets and pertinent accessories for distributing to global markets as well as OEM.

Tung Yuan Foundry Co., Ltd. [Taiwan , Taipei ] - Engineering and Manufacturing Industry
We are specialized in Foundry, casting, precision casting, valve casting.

Twin Tower Enterprise Corp. [Taiwan , Yung Kang City ] - Sports
Professional manufactory group of martial arts. We can provide our customers various kinds of martial arts products. And get very nice reaction from them.

Universal Asia Technology Company [Taiwan , Taipei Hsien ] - Computers
*** brand, 12cm CD-R Disc with Capacity: 80 Minutes/700MB.

Van - Tek Valve Corporation [Taiwan , Taichung ] - Engineering and Manufacturing Industry
Our main products are screwed end ball valve, flanged end valve and fittings.

Vosca Corporation [Taiwan , Taipei ] - Electronics
100-hour pill reminder with friendly key operation. Case in pocket size is good for personal carry. An idea gift for patient to avoid missing take pill.

Wab Industrial Co., Ltd. [Taiwan , Taipei Hsien ] - Industry
Leading manufacturer/exporter in Taiwan. It was established in 1977, and produced stationery products. We have developed a worldwide reputation for its high quality, comfortable chairs and office furniture. We have provided the office furniture in the automobile showrooms for BMW, Toyota, and Mitsubishi in Taiwan.

Wandy Rubber Industrial Co., Ltd. [Taiwan , Taipei County ] - Health
The available sizes are 95mm, 75mm, 65mm, 55mm, 45mm. The size indicates the diameter of the electrode. We also supply 45mm by 45mm square electrode that usually comes with a 40mm by 40mm adhesive conductive gel pad.*Highly durable and flexible *Negative of Cytoxicity, Skin Sensitization, Acute Cutaneous Irritation.*Water and Conductive gel can be applied to increase conductivity.

Wang Tzyy Machine Factory Co., Ltd. [Taiwan , Tainan ] - Engineering and Manufacturing Industry
Our company is the foremost specialist manufacturer of automatic lathes in Taiwan. Our management concept which we adhere to is quality, service, and value.

Water King Industry Co., Ltd. [Taiwan , Yunlin Shien ] - Auto
The manufacture in the company is characterized by its automation system. The entire manufacturing process are planned to apply the FMSFA system with an attempt to created the maximum production capacity and effectively lower the cost and human power, thus enhancing the quality and efficiency of our manufacturing.

Way Fu Industrial Co., Ltd. [Taiwan , Taipei Hsien ] - Electronics
We are the leading time recorder machine manufacturer in Taiwan. Our product range include Micro-computer and electronic time recorder as well as time stamp. All of our machine are certified by both CE and UL.

Weldech Electric Industry Co., Ltd. [Taiwan , Taichung ] - Industry
Professional manufacturer of high frequency plastic welding machine and was established in 1988. Our products are highly stable, reliable, strong output power, secure and durable design. We not only offer quickly after service, but also meet with whole world customer's affirmation. In the future, we will continue to improve and innovate our products through learning form customer suggestions & feed back, and develop the new series machine service customers.

Well Sheng Machinert Co., Ltd [Taiwan , Taipei ] - Engineering and Manufacturing Industry
We are specialized in filling machine, vacuum machine, blister machine, shrink membrane, vacuum bag.

Wenchi & Brother Co., Ltd. [Taiwan , Taipei ] - Electronics
Claimed to be the only ISO 9002 certified maker of DC to AC power inverters in Taiwan, we focuse highly on research and development, which brings about stable growth for the company.

Wengcorp Ltd [Taiwan , Taipei103 ] - Garment
PolyesterFabricNylonSpandexCurtain fabricShower curtain fabricJacquardBreathableCushion.

Woo Sing Industrial Co., Ltd. [Taiwan , Taipei ] - Engineering and Manufacturing Industry
We are specialized in electric chain hoist, lever hist, winch, trolley, lifting.

World Lock Co., Ltd. [Taiwan , Taipei ] - Engineering and Manufacturing Industry
We are specialized in lock, cam lock, switch lock, handle, hardware, diecast parts.

Yan Yi Enterprise Co., Ltd. [Taiwan , Taipei ] - Engineering and Manufacturing Industry
We are specialized in grinding, polishing, mill, pin, tool.

Yang Min Enterprise Co., Ltd. [Taiwan , Kaohsiung Hsien ] - Auto
Founded in 1972m professional spring manufacturer with excellent R&D ability. Because we always adheres to the principle of "doing for the best", its products are widely affirmed by all circles, and this makes it become the spring suppliers of all major car factories.

Yaw Jye Enterprise Co. Ltd. [Taiwan , Taipei ] - Food
We are specialized in food enclosure tailormade machine, french-bread machine, bread-machine machinery, steamed pie machine, bun-machine, crisp-skin bread machine, cutted-bun machine, moon-cake machine. To welcome domestic and foreign trader, purchasing merchant develop market together. We will develop, improve and manufacture our product incessantly for furnishing market's demand. To welcome domestic and foreign trader, purchasing merchant develop market together.

Yeujaw Industrial Co., Ltd. [Taiwan , Taipei ] - Engineering and Manufacturing Industry
We are specialized in propane car LPG gas tank, environmental engineering, boilers, tank, gass car.

Yi Chuan Plastic Steel Mold Co., Ltd. [Taiwan , Taipei ] - Engineering and Manufacturing Industry
We are specialized in plastic injection mold, computer peripherals, optical instruments, electronics, cold chamber, low pressure casting, telecommunications, hot chamber.

Yi Fang Handicapped Instrument Plant Ltd. [Taiwan , Taipei ] - Engineering and Manufacturing Industry
We are specialized in medical treatment, rehabilitation equipment, hospital facilities stainless steel engineering manufacturing.

Yieh Corp. [Taiwan , Kaohsiung County ] - Others
We wish to introduce ourselves as a leading stainless steel manufacture in Taiwan. We represent the largest stainless steel making enterprise in Taiwan. We also own the largest steel coil center in Taiwan. We are the leaders of stainless steel industry in Taiwan. Actually we are dealing with all kind of steel products and at this moment we are focusing on the followings products and we shall be glad to discuss with you the further details that are suitable for you.Our specialization covers the following products:1. Stainless Steel(coil/sheet/plate)2. Stainless Round Bars3. Stainless steel welded/Seamless pipes & tubes4. Stainless steel wire rod/ Wire5. Fasteners(screw, nut, washer)If you have requirements of any of the above mentioned product, please send us your enquiry along the complete specification of the material & quantity required and we shall feel pleasure in sending you our most competitive offer. We would be glad to provide you with any other information required by you.

Yii Shin Industrial Co., Ltd [Taiwan , Taipei ] - Engineering and Manufacturing Industry
We are specialized in supply laboratory fittings, laboratory equipment, fume extraction system.

Yiun Muh Industry Co., Ltd. [Taiwan , Taipei ] - Computers
We (Established in 1998) are one of leading manufacturer in the field of "TFT-LCD monitor, self-adhesive tape, advanced safety syrings" in China. We has been devoting itself to seeking for the promotion of a comprehensive design & manufacturing solution for the Flat Panel Display (FPD) Self-adhesive Tape and Safety Syrings.ANYU is well poised for profitable growth and productivity in 21st century. Its fully integrated the-art LCD/LCM production, self-adhesive tape and safety syringes bases in both Taiwan and mainland China have given ANYU a unique cost advantage over its competitors. The tremendous demand for its products is expected to enjoy continuous rapid growth as the digital world keeps the strong trend toward smaller, thinner, and user-friend electronic device. During 1999-2001, the company has successfully implemented a major corporate reform program by completely upgrading and expanding its production facilities, installing a new management team, and building up a global marketing/sourcing network. These solid foundation will surely become the invaluable stepping-stones to elevate ANYU as the best answer to the upcoming "21st century.

You Yang Technology Co., Ltd. [Taiwan , Taipei ] - Computers
We are as professional manufacturer for quality computer cables, accessories and adaptors.Why not try us out with your next order? We assure that we can offer 100% satisfaction to you no matter on product quality, service, lead-time and especially on price.

Youchi Enterprise Co, Ltd [Taiwan , Taipei ] - Engineering and Manufacturing Industry
We are specialized in plastic mold, plastic injection mold, manual manufacturing of sample products, paint coating, assembling, printing, gilding, hot melt inlay, ultrasound wave pressing and other processing.

Yuan Kung Engineering Co., Ltd. [Taiwan , Taipei ] - Engineering and Manufacturing Industry
We are specialized in automatic punching machine equipment, mold manufacture and design, professional manufacture of punching machines, mechanic arms and peripheral, NC feeders, complete plant equipment development and design.

Yueh Lorng Enterprise Co., Ltd. [Taiwan , Taipei ] - Engineering and Manufacturing Industry
We are specialized in twist bunching machine, wire feeding machine, tension wire unreeling machine, wire cutting machine, wire extruder.

Yuen Mai Industrial Co., Ltd [Taiwan , Taipei City ] - Others
Established in 1981 by Mr. J. S. Yeh who was a mechanical engineer. The company mainly engages in the exportation of instruments, hardware and sundries, but also imports parts for instruments.

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