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Tartans Importers & Exporters [USA , Delhi] - Art and crafts
Interested for established a business in export.

Odyssey Systems [USA , Conroe] - Computers
The following used, tested and working computers are

Universal Traders [USA , Oakland] - Food
We have Marlboro cigarettes. Genuine made in USA. We also sell many quality non-brands, flavored cigarettes (bidis) roll your own bulk tobacco and can custom blend your own label.

Technical Business Transfers [USA , Hillsborough] - Health
My company, can supply any brand name or generic drug. Also, we can supply medical equipment, xray machines, MRI machines, oncology drugs, diagnostic kits, etc. We deal with certified labs outside the USA. We can supply labels in the language you request. We do not supply pharmaceuticals from India. We conduct business using a letter of credit with banks that have a corresponding bank in the USA. We can provide emergency shipments if required or we can ship on a schedule. If interested please email me a list of your requirements along with your current pricing information. We will try to save you on your expenditure by shopping for the best price.

H & R International, Inc. [USA , St. Paul] - Food
We are experienced seller mandated source for the following commodities; Brazilian sugar, wheat, soy bean and yellow corn. Our minimums are 12, 500mt.Please send your inquiries by email and we'll respond to it promptly.

Simply Innovative Products [USA , Las Vegas] - Gift and Handcraft Industry
Are you Smuzlin'? A new and unique promotional product, Smuzle, is designed to eliminate the hassle and odor that comes from extinguishing cigarettes, while also acting a powerful new marketing platform.This product is well suited for hotels, restaurants, casinos, cigarette companies, corporate giveaway, and/or retail sales.Our UK distributor has had great results including the recent appointment as offical supplier to Hilton International. They have also become the official supplier to British American Tobacoo (BAT), worldwide.We are actively seeking representation around the world in either a distribution or sales role, or direct B2B sales.This is a terrific opportunity for a company/individual(s) to get involved with a product that is sure to have great success around the globe as shown thus far in the UK.

Barlex Enterprises [USA , Houston] - Industry
We manufacturer and distributor of metal belts, roller chains, wire cloth, chain & conveyor belts, Please feel free to contact us.

Tj Telecom, Llc [USA , Bluebell] - Electronics
Would like to offer Samsung GSM Phones as the follows: 1. Brand new and sealed original box 2.Euro Specs 3.original Sam Sung Product 3. L/C will open directly to SamSung. 4.Other Terms; * Irrevocable, transferable L/C at sight, * 2 weeks delivery leadtime required after receipt of L/C,

Medcorp International Group, Inc. [USA , Miami Lakes] - Health
We sell new and refurbished medical equipment. Our prices are below the market. We carry all kinds of brands like GE, Philips/ATL, Medison, Toshiba etc. If you have any questions or need any additional information please do not hesitate to contact us.

Tomla [USA , Cambridge] - Garment
Our company is located in Boston, Massachusetts. Our specialties are, brand names footwear, apparel for men& women. All goods are sold well below wholesale price. Brand names (Adidas, Fubu, Teva, Kenneth Cole, Timberland, Nike, Converse, Victoria Secret, Gucci, Versace, etc.)

Mark Mangampat [USA , San Francisco] - Garment
Seven Jeans for sale in Large Quantity Only! Price is $40 USd per piece, price is lower if quantity goes higher. Purchase order is required first, then we will go from there. 1000 pieces per style. Minimum is 5000 pieces. 100% new and authentic with papers!

Nowet Concepts Ltd [USA , Spotswood] - Auto
Worldwide distributors / detailers / end users wanted.Introducing waterless vehicle wash & wax...(since 1994) wash, wax, polish & seal 100% of any vehicle without, trucks, RV's, boats, cycles, planes, inside and out side...etc hose, soap, mess or clean-up. Deal manufacture direct...not MLM...private labeling available. An earth friendly kerosene (petroleum distillates)... for complete information package, email.

Lbw Tech Co., Llc [USA , Rancho Palos Verdes] - Auto
We are the motorcycles producers in China, looking for Nigeria and African importer and whole saler to work with us. We are also plan to build up a factory over your country once the order reach to certain amount, contact us for best price and cooperation detail.

Wampanoag Shellfish [USA , Aquinnah, Ma] - eafood
Native American produced, highest quality oysters for sale to European Market. Tomahawk oysters are grown by the Wampanoag Indian Tribe on the island of Martha's Vineyard in clean waters 7 miles off the coast of Massachusetts. Tomahawks are being sold to the best restaurants in New York City and we wish to expand our market. We are interested in selling to France and Belgium direct to restaurants or through a high quality wholesaler.

Ramco Arts [USA , Sodus] - rt and crafts
We sell craft line for hand work, a pure acrylic free hand magnifier, butterfly shaped floss organizer and a butterfly shaped yarn organizer, a "kwik-trace" pattern tracer for quilting. In addition we sell 8 different shapes (pure acrylic) paperweights and coasters, these can be personalized in many ways, with different hand work or a photo. We also sell a grading machine, called the Dario Grad-O-Meter.

Vision Trading Llc [USA , Houston, Texas] - Garment
Jeans women stretch low rise, jackets, skirts men 5 pocket jeans. Ready to ship from our warehouse in Houston. Factory direct. Low rise jeans from $4.50.

Sincerely Lola Skincare & Cosmetics [USA , Philadelphia] - Health
25% vitamin c products sells itself!!You make the first sale, and our products will continue to sell itself. Our CEO, Aesthetician offers a complete line of cutting edge, high quality, natural, botanically based skincare programs & cosmetics, designed to meet the needs of all skin types, including teens and males. Our action c program consists of 5 items, cleanser, mist, serum, creme & peel off masque. Each contains 25% vitamin c, derived from the acerola fruit, one of the richest sources of vitamin c in the world. Continued use guarantees to improve the appearance of your skin, long into the future. Many other brands contains only 2% to 8% vitamin c.

Aie Pharmaceuticals [USA , Ontario] - Health
Naturally Stop Hair LossHair loss is a common problem in men, and sometimes even in women. We has developed an all-natural formula for hair loss that has no side effects, and is safe for both men and women. HairGro works for both the front and the back of the head, stops excessive hair loss, stops dandruff and oily hair, thickens and strengthens existing and growing hair. No prescription required, because HairGro is all herbs no chemicals.

Aie Pharmaceuticals [USA , Ontario] - Health
Stop Arthritis Pain TodayArthritis affects 70-80% of people over 50 years of age. Arthritis can cause much unwanted pain and discomfort. We has created a formula that is all-natural and may completely stop the effects of arthritis. ArthiPro can give permanent relief of pain, swelling and deformity, stop deterioration and inflammation, stimulate cartilage production. In most cases ArthiPro is only needed for one month, results happen in just weeks.

Aie Pharmaceuticals [USA , Ontario] - Health
Herbal Fatigue Inhibitor Fatigue is an all to common problem. Women appear to be twice as affected as men. After many studies, and successful clinical trials, we has developed an herbal formula to help those who are concerned with general fatigue. ProVein increases your energy, strength and stamina. It helps to combat all the symptoms of fatigue. ProVein is an all natural formula, therefore has no side effects.

Aie Pharmaceuticals [USA , Ontario] - Health
Enhance female sexuality. Isn’t it time for women to start having just as much sexual pleasure as men? AIE Pharmaceuticals has developed a natural formula that contains ingredients, which have been proven to help enhance a woman’s sexuality. VigroMax enhances sexual desire, stimulates lubrication, increases sensitivity, excites the clitoris, enhances and prolongs orgasm.

P.L.U.S. Commerce Import Inc. [USA , Schaumburg, Il] - Agriculture
We represent one of the largest producer and exporter of Ponytail palm (beaucarneas guatemalensis) from Guatemala, with more than 2, 000, 000 of PonyTail Palm plants in different sizes and varieties. We are looking for brokers in USA and Canada for our products.

Dynamic Life Inc. [USA , Largo, Florida] - Others
One of the largest manufacturers of Herbal nutritional supplements and OTC products in the United States.. The company is housed in a 70, 000+ square foot manufacturing facility, which includes the laboratory, and employs over 100 people.The company is one of the few manufacturers in the USA that specialize in all modalities: powders, capsules, tablets, liquids and creams. as the result of the capabilities of the companies laboratory and manufacturing, the customer base includes some of the world’s largest domestic and international mlm and marketing companies.We also offer private labeling jobs which we are already doing for many big brand names.

Fi-Shock Inc [USA , Knoxville, Tennessee] - Agriculture
International leader with 35 years experience in manufacturing electric fencing, energizers and accessories is looking to expand sales into Latin America. Local entrepreneurs with knowledge of region and customs needed.You provide:Knowledge of local farming and fencing practicesAwareness of import and export regulationsReliability and organizationDrive and motivation to promote our productMinimum investment $50, 000 We provide:Freedom to run your own businessSales training for our productsTechnical training on our productsLicensed use of our name and logoMarketing tools in Spanish and English (displays, videos, fliers)Exclusivity in your country/regionPersonal account manager in US

Aie Pharmaceuticals [USA , Ontario] - Health
Healthy prostate support. Prostate problems happen mainly in men over 50. Problems that may prostate cancer. We has the first herbal remedy ever offered, that has shown to have a positive effect on enlarged prostate glands and improve urination. Prostatin ends the constant urge to urinate, relieves pain of enlarged prostate, boosts urinary flow, and may also decrease the size of the prostate.

Aie Pharmaceuticals [USA , Ontario] - Health
Enlarge Your Breasts NaturallyFor years, women have suffered embarrassment from having small, sagging or underdeveloped breasts, which often leads to low self-esteem. We has created and all herbal formula that naturally promotes larger firmer breasts. Breastone enhances breasts fullness, firmness and size, without the side effects and high costs of surgery. It naturally promotes female hormone balance.

Aie Pharmaceuticals [USA , Ontario] - Health
Control diabetes effects. Diabetes is a serious disease, and can cause major health problems if not treated properly. We has developed a natural formula to help fight diabetes without the side effects of conventional medicines. Cevrogin contains herbs, which lower blood glucose levels, does not cross react with insulin, and helps to prevent many of the side effects diabetes may cause, such as, neuropathy and retinopathy.

Soto Distribution Services [USA , Laredo] - Food
We are selling a very good quality Tequila, the brand is Ahatoro, made in Jalisco Mexico, for more information contact us.

Automan [USA , Kalamazoo] - Auto
We sell any kind of passenger cars for any part of the world. We can get any type of cars and we have agents in various USA sites. All you need to do is, name the car and we'll have it for you for a very good price. We currently have customers in some European and Asian countries. We are looking for world wide importers to work with. Let us know what you need, and Well get it for you.

True Direct [USA , Boston] - Sports
The company sells custom made suits, shirts, and pants. We are looking for a new shirting manufacturer. Can you please send us some more information about your company? Could you send us a price list showing what you charge, as well as if there is a set up charge and/or a per rep charge? Is there a minimum order that we would have to maintain per order? Do you offer many different styles? Is it possible to get a sample of some swatches of the fabrics you use? Please email me back with this information as well as any other information that I may need to know. Thank you so much for your help.

E&F Trading Co. [USA , Fairhaven, Ma] - Others
We have large quantities of foster grants sunglasses for $2.49 each. These sell and have prices on them of retail $8.99 - $19.99. Contact for photos. minimum order 300 pcs.

Odyssey Systems [USA , Conroe] - Computers
(903)P75 to P133 with 16-32MB/540-1GB/50% with CD(112) P166 w 32MB/1.6-2.4GB/50% w CD(80) P200 w 32MB/2GB/CD(90) P233 w 32MB/2.5GB/CD(6) P2 266 w 64MB/3.2GB/CD(56) P2 300 w 64MB/4.3GB/CD(107) P2 333 w 64MB/4.3GB/50% w CD(563) P2 350 w 64MB/4.3GB/20% w CD(117) P2 to P3 900 with 64MB/4GB+/CDPlease contact for a complete breakdown of these units. Thank you.

Jgb Enterprises, Inc. [USA , Liverpool] - Association
Airless paint spray hose 1/4" x 50 ft (female x female) $17.00 (USD) -- offering priceQuantity is unlimited.

Lloyd Inslee [USA , Springfield, Illinois] - Others
Distributors wanted: beauty products a full line of "Made In Italy" beauty products is now being made available to re-sellers for global distribution. Can be "100% Natural" or not. There are a variety of purchase options. Please include full contact info with first e-mail. Inquiries without full contact info will not be considered.

Success International [USA , Portland] - Security
Great item for import export. Sellable and wanted worldwide. Small and convenient for shipping. Low duties in most countries.Universal counterfeit detector pen - tester for fake money.The universal counterfeit detector pen instantly identifies fake from real money, it is small, looks like an ordinary marker pen. It works on US$, EURO, Rupiah, Mark, Rupee, Yen, Dirham, Franc, Rand, Lire, Greek Drahma, R.M.B., Peseta, Won, Rubles, Thai Baht, Pound, 150 + types of currencies* from around the world. It gives protection from the growing global counterfeiting problem. It is a necessity for every business and individual on the planet Earth. Will not damage currency! The tester is universal, inexpensive, small, simple to use, maintenance free, more than 5 years of shelf life, it will not dry up, if left open for few hours and lasts up to 8000 tests. It can be sold worldwide to big customers such as banks, casinos, change bureaus, trade companies, bars, supermarkets, restaurant, hotels, travel agencies, any cash handling business. (* not effective on Canadian currency).

Ocean Fresh Seafood Corp. [USA , Keyport] - Seafood
Low priced high quality products from the most reputable suppliers in the pacific northwest. Products are: Alaska red king crab, dungeness crab, Alaska snow crab, pacific halibut, pacific cod, sablefish (black cod), Alaska pollock, pacific salmon (chinook, coho, chum, sockeye, pink)please call or email and one of our sales associates will be glad to give you a quote that cant be beat!

Wholesale Clothing Mart [USA , Los Angeles] - Garment
Well established distributor and exporter of clothing and accessories. Our huge inventory and product assortment enable us to ship almost any order within 2-4 days. Our already excellent prices are currently further enhanced by the favorable dollar-euro exchange rate.We currently ship to several customers in Europe. Very inexpensive shipping by fedex air getting your order to you in a matter of days. Please look at our website and contact us for further info.Clothing for men, women & children as well as hats, handbags and shoes.

Demott International Group [USA , Somerset] - Consulting
We sell many kinds of manufacturing plants or production plants in China with the best price. Using those plants, you can open your own production plants in China, such as food product plant, gift product plant or house ware plant, etc. The advantages you can take are the lowest labor cost, the lowest tax pay, the lowest raw material cost, and much more.If you have been thinking about doing anything in China and just don't know how to deal with it, please tell us and we will help you.

Ruby Polytex Inc. [USA , Sugarland ] - Computers
liquidators and exporters of desktops, laptops, computer peripherals. Dealing in major brands like Dell, IBM, Logitech, Compaq, 3com, Toshiba etc. We can supply in bulk new, refurbished, used parts. Our major export markets are Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa.

Amercot Llp [USA , Lubbocl] - Agriculture
Mexican pecans whole or shelled and packaged samples can be approved, terms L/C.

Global Distribution [USA , Walnut Creek] - Computers
We are a major exporting company in the Computer IT field. We offer laptops desktops, routers, servers, hubs, switches etc. Email us with exactly what you looking for and allow 24 hours for pricing.

Houston Christian Bros. Painting Inc [USA , Houston Tx] - Construction
I have an insulating paint which provides an R-19 rating with only one coat 10 mils thickness and R-28 with two coats. This product can be applied to metal, sheetrock, wood and other substrate. I removes the need for other insulation. Proven over a 15 year period, approved by NASA, USDA BOCA approved and independently tested. I also have a rust encapsulating paint which does not require white blasting and when applied will strengthen the metal to which it is applied.

Ashton Kelly Candles [USA , Edmond] - Gift and Handcraft Industry
Wholesale candle company would like to export beautiful, fragrant, slow burning, handpoured candles.

Dynamic Computers Ltd Llc [USA , Hamden] - Computers
2.8GHZ P4 533FSB (3yr ITL) 512MB PC2700 DDR Black color Case Black color Keyboard/mouse/Floppy Black color 16X DVD/48X CDRW w/sw 80GB 7200RPM Hard Disk VIA P4M266A Chipset Shared Video to 32MB 10/100 Lan 56K AMR Modem CIF Availible FOB CT, USA.

Andreajensen Ent. [USA , Bowie] - Others
Discreet pseudoephedrine HCL inquiry quote & terms.

Lloyd Inslee [USA , Springfield, Illinois] - Others
A full line of herbal cosmetics is now being made available to importers for international distribution.Please include full contact info with first e-mail.

Litmar Trading, Ltd. [USA , Cleveland] - Energy
Diesel Fuel, 50, 000 MT per month available, Russian origin, FOB Poti, Georgia (black sea).

Lloyd Inslee [USA , Springfield, Illinois] - Services
A full line of herbal cosmetics - skincare products, bath & body products, deodorants - that are "Made Industry Italy" are now being made available to re-sellers for wide distribution.Please include complete contact info in first e-mail.

Onxy Collection [USA , North Bergen ] - Gift and Handcraft Industry
High-end custom jewelry manufacturer for over 10 years in the U.S. Our manufacturing is located in Korea with the sales office currently located in New Jersey. We provide finest custom jewelry with great prices. Most of our customers are wholesalers, distributors, and retail chains in the U.S.

Western Valve [USA , Bakersfield] - Others
Sole manufacture of the Dan Ex Dual Expanding Seal Valve line. It includes 2" to 16" rectangular port, double block & bleed style plug valve. We also offer slips, soft goods, packing, gaskets-replacement parts. Since purchasing the Dan Ex line, we has shipped parts within the United States, as well as exporting to 17 different countries.

Earrings By D & G [USA , Fairhaven, Ma] - Gift and Handcraft Industry
We make quality beaded earrings & bracelets by the dozen. High quality and very nice looking.

Aie Pharmaceuticals [USA , Ontario] - Health
Improve Liver Function Naturally restore your liver function for overall improved health. After extensive research and successful clinical testing, we have developed an amazing product that helps to improve your liver function. Livral Complex is an herbal formula that helps to rebuild your liver and stop infections such as, liver cirrhosis, cancer and hepatitis. This product has over a 95% success rate. Livral Complex works for all people, regardless of condition or age.

Aie Pharmaceuticals [USA , Ontario] - Health
Sexual Enhancer For MenEnlarge your penis and control your sexual functioning. After a long study and successful clinical trials, we have created natural vigor. Natural Vigor is an herbal formula that has been proven to increase the length and width of your penis. Its unique formula gives you harder erections, longer more intense orgasms, controlled and delayed ejaculation and eliminates impotency.

Aie Pharmaceuticals [USA , Ontario] - Health
Herbal Anti-DepressantDepression is a serious disorder that should be treated immediately. After much testing, and successful results, we have developed an herbal formula to treat depression without side effects. Prozidan may help with many symptoms such as feeling sad, tired, irritable, worthless, having memory loss, headaches and even hallucinations. It is time to stop the depression, and start living life again.

Wellesley Of Wexford, Ltd [USA , Aiken] - Computers
We are distributors of high quality computers and electronics. We offer both new and refurbished computers. We also have an enormous selection of new electronics - DVD players, camcorders, microwaves, cd players, fax machines, VCRs, TVs, speakers and much more. Brand names are Sony, Daewoo, Zenith, Aiwa, JVC, RCA, Memorex and Panasonic. Great savings.

Finnerns International [USA , Miami] - Food
We are manufacturer of spicy marmalade and we would like to make contact with a distributor as well as broker to represent our company. We offer four flavor of our product wish are. Strawberry, apricot, raspberry and orange. All of them wiht jalape?os.

Cyberblast Inc [USA , Jacksonville] - Food
Risotto Rice Primium454 Grs Box1000 Grs Box100 Pound Bag Bulk.

Cyberblast Inc [USA , Jacksonville] - Seafood
Yellow fin tuna (thunnus albacares)Bigeye tuna (thunnus obesus)Skipjack tuna Frozen, loins, flake and canned.

Mckenna Communications [UK , West Lancs] - Telecom
New Cisco VCO 4K Switches for SaleWe have 10 Cisco (Summa) VCO 4K switches available for sale. They are presently in a temp. control warehouse and are still in original packaging and available for inspection.We are Est since 1999 and have contracts/relations with all key operators in UK/Germany and Benelux.

Lansanajabbie [USA , Upper Darby] - Services
We are shea butter exporter from Africa. Top quality shea butter. We need whole sale buyers with regular supply.

Globalson Limited [USA , Il] - Trade
I want to make enquiries on how to get your products and your mode of payment. Unfortunately my company only issue bank-draft, cheque and money order so if there is any other mode of payment apart from that please tell me because my company is interested in your products which are needed urgently due to the demand in market. Looking forward to build a GOOD business relationship.

Hn&S [USA , Philadelphia] - Raw
We have organic, raw, guarantee high quality shebutter. We need whole sale regular buyers. Product is from Africa.

Iceland Sea Salt North America [USA , Dallas] - Food
100% natural 60% less sodium sea salt (worlds only). 100% natural sea salt 99% sodium. Both salts are very high in natural minerals. Approved and supported by prevention magazine and The British Medical Journal.

Marine Trade Int'l Corp. [USA , Wilmington] - Agriculture
We are supplying coniferous larch & spruce softwood logs to customers in Canada and USA.

La Pointe Co [USA , Orinda, Ca ] - Food
We are exporting from the US since 1983 and are currently offering folger's instant coffee all sizes (2z, 4z, 8z, 12z) and singles. Also we have a full line of restaurant supplies including our own line of fresh spices.

O' Skin Care [USA , Los Angeles, Ca] - Others
Anti aging cosmetics beauty products1. Collagen elastin moisturizing (helps eliminate wrinkles, laugh and lip lines)2. Microdermobreson cream scrab (visible results after one application).

Carl Poris/ Computech Systems [Usa , Kirkland] - Aerospace
The reason for this letter is to ask if your organization would have any surplus, discontinued, unused, open boxed or even new computer equipment that you would be interested in liquidating for CASH. Interests include IBM, Sun, Cisco and HP computer equipment. I have a particular interest, but not limited to, AS400 and RS6000. We has multi-million dollar buying ability and we make every attempt to purchase the majority of IT equipment SKU’s, regardless of age or condition. I would welcome any opportunity to evaluate any equipment you have available and let you know what market value is. I am certain that whatever buy offers I give you will be far and above any trade-in credit given by your suppliers. All that is needed to engage with me on purchasing your surplus IT equipment is a list of what’s available. I do not require any on-site inspection. The entire process of selling your surplus IT equipment is fully handled by our staff. If you would like, we can have technicians come on-site and de-install and package for shipping. All at no cost to you.We pay for any equipment offered in advance via COD or wire-transfer. Because of our global purchasing network, we can also sell a wide range of alternative enterprise computing and storage solutions. The equipment can be unused, remanufactured or custom built to your specifications. So if you are in need of purchasing new, used, or refurbished equipment, give us a call.

Export Computer Exchange [Usa , Cedar City] - Computers
(927) PII-266 THRU PIII-866 COMPUTER SYSTEMS For Sale Buy Now!(110) Tested Working PII-266 / 32-64MB RAM / 3-6GB HDD / CD / FDD - $32.00(5) Tested Working PII-300 / 64-MB RAM / 4-5GB HDD / CD / FDD - $40.00(6) Tested Working PII-333 / 64MB RAM / 4-5G HDD / CD / FDD - $42.00(37) Tested Working PII-350 / 64MB RAM / 3-8GB HDD / CD / FDD - $45.00(378) Tested Working PII-400 / 64MB RAM / 4-8GB HDD / CD / FDD - $50.00(152) Tested Working PIII-500 / 64-128MB RAM / 6-16GB HDD / CD / FDD - $95.00(97) Tested Working PIII-550 / 128MB RAM / 6-28GB HDD / CD / FDD - $105.00(82) Tested Working PIII-600 / 128MB RAM / 8-27GB HDD / CD / FDD - $110.00(34) Tested Working PIII-650 / 128MB RAM / 6-16GB HDD / CD / FDD - $115.00(22) Tested Working PIII-667 / 128MB RAM / 8-20GB HDD / CD / FDD - $120.00(2) Tested Working PIII-733 / 128MB RAM / 20-24GB HDD / CD / FDD - $130.00(2) Tested Working PIII-866 / 128MB RAM / 8-16GB HDD / CD / FDD - $140.00100% CD-ROM 30% TOWERS Total Lot Price $65272.00 (Plus Freight and Insurance) USD

Smokeprice Inc. [Usa , Schiller Park] - Services
We are looking for serious us and ue brands cigarettes wholesalers for providing us with "drop off" services.Orders placed dayly.Estimate goal wich would be reached in 4 next months is 10000 cartons /a month.

Us Department Of Commerce [Usa , Washington] - Trade
I am doing research on the bridal industry. I am looking for made-in-the USA. Bridal companies who export just bridalgowns overseas & to what countries?

M&C Overseas, Ent. [Usa , Sugarland, Texas] - Others
We deal in beauty supply, name brands at a very competitive cheap prices. Name brands: Loreal, Clairol, Maybelline, Paul Mitchell, Este Lauder, etc. We can offer to loreal hair dyes/brand new/box/ original carton/52 different shades at 2.50 USD/FOB/TX/USA.

N/A [Usa , Riner] - Others
Wild American Gin-seng for sale to highest bidder. I have 5 pounds to sell so far this year, with more to come.

Monroe Systems For Business [Usa , Levittown] - Electronics
30 Monroe 7150 model 220 volt calculators. Never again will these Monroe 220 volt calculators be available. Brand new. Asking $35.00 each, nonnegotiable. If interested email me.

Export Computer Exchange [Usa , Cedar City] - Computers
(983) P-133 THRU PIII-667 COMPUTER SYSTEMS For Sale Buy Now!(44) Tested Working P-133-150 / 16-96MB RAM / 1-2GB HDD - $6.00(135) Tested Working P-166-233 / 16-128MB RAM / 1-6GB HDD - $12.00(72) Tested Working PII-233-333 / 32-256MB RAM / 2-6GB HDD - $31.00(281) Tested Working PII-350 / 32-256MB RAM / 3-8GB HDD - $46.00(176) Tested Working PII-400-450 / 64-256MB RAM / 3-6GB HDD - $48.00(10) Tested Working PIII-450 / 64MB RAM / 6-7GB HDD - $70.00(36) Tested Working PIII-500-600 / 64-128MB RAM / 4-20GB HDD - $105.00(2) Tested Working PIII-633-667 / 64-128MB RAM / 4-10GB HDD - $115.00(227) Tested Working CELERON 300-566 / 32MB RAM / 10GB HDD - $35.0060% CD-ROM Total Lot Price $38145.00 (Plus Freight and Insurance) USD

Seafoodfarms.Com [Usa , Miami] - Select category here
Dedicated to educating the international community about the latest achievements in marine aquafarming. Commited to bringing you fresh seafood direct from the farm!

Tradewell International [Usa , Las Vegas] - Packaging
We are export house, can supply jute sacks, hessain cloths & bags, jute yarn, jute caddies and jute yarn waste from Bangladesh, please contact us for more details as per your specification.

First Source International [Usa , Gaithersburg] - Auto
First source international is an exporter of used car and truck tires. We are offer only name brand tires. Used car tiresAssorted sizes or choice of your sizesCar tires w/ 50% - 60% tread depth(1) - 40fcl at US$10, 500(2) - 40fcl at US$11, 500 this is for 2 containers!!Freight is additionalUsed truck tiresSize Unit price Size Unit price1100X20 $48 1200X20 $341100R20 $48 700X16 $28 8ply1100X22.5 $48 700X15 $25 8ply1100X22.5 $48 19.5XL24 $1531100X24.5 $48 14X17.5 $881100R24.5 $48 235X75R15 $13 All truck tires have a 60% - 80% tread depthBlemish car & truck tiresHigh quality 80% tread depthAssortment of all brand name tires: All 13” and 14” tires ……. $13.00 each All 15” and 16” tires ……. $18.00 each 17” tires and up ……. Prices vary All used & blemished tires are sold as is. All sales are final.

Industrial Test Systems Inc [Usa , Rock Hill, Sc] - Agriculture
We manufacture test and equipment for Drinking water, Swimming Pool and Security in the US. We have geiger counters, and test strips for cyanide test, arsenic, free chlorine, pH.

Gitras, Inc. [USA , Tarrytown ] - Telecom
For sale: 2K new Nokia 8310 at euros 145, FOB Germany! 2000 units Nokia 8310. New, sim free never locked, eurospec, euro languages (Eng, German, Italian, Dutch, French, Turkish), sealed and banded by Nokia in master cartons, made in Finland @145.50 Euro FOB (MBS) Germany.

Aie Pharmaceuticals [USA , Ontario] - Health
Liver hepatitis and anti cancer miracle special of the

World Line Business Corp. [USA , Miami, Fl.] - Agriculture
For China offer 60.000 MT soya (12 ship- year)(been-soj) #2 transgenica FOB Brasil port. Good price.

Trillium Investments, Ltd. [USA , U.S.] - Construction
Used steel 73mm seemless pipes. 3, 000mt/month FOB St Petersburg or request CNF quote.Length:80% 8-9 meters15% 9-11 meters5% 6-8 meters;

Interact Communications [USA , Boca Raton, Florida] - Health
We produce anti-radiation products for cell phones. Although the jury is still out on the long term effects of cell phone use, the evidence is mounting.We offer proven and tested products that reduce the potential health risk of cellular and mobile phones. With virtually no competition, we seek individuals and companies to work with us as distributors, reps. and project partners.

Aie Pharmaceuticals [USA , Ontario] - Health
Naturally increase fat reduction special of the month: buy 2 get 1 free citrone is a 100% natural blend of proven herbal ingredients designed to help you lose weight safely, naturally and effectively by increasing the metabolic capacity, suppressing the appetite, reducing sweet cravings, increasing fat reduction, preventing water retention, and increasing your physical energy. The ingredients in Citrone have been the focus of numerous studies validating their use to allow you to eat your favorite, great tasting fatty foods without gaining weight.

Aie Pharmaceuticals [USA , Ontario] - Health
Restore natural energy special of the month: buy 2 get 1 free provein is a synergistically balanced product especially formulated for those who are concerned with general fatigue. Provein is a proprietary formulation of high quality herbal extracts that help to provide extra levels of energy and combat fatigue. Provein helps your body restore its natural energy, health, strength, stamina and defenses. The integrated ingredients in this exclusive synergistic blend are a nutritional aid for long-term health and peak performance.

Foural Enterprises Inc [USA , Somerset ] - Engineering and Manufacturing Industry
Inventory/equipment liquidation. We selling off thousands of dollars in inventory and equipment. Items include forklifts, diesel engine trailors, forklifts, bottle filling equipment, office furniture, and inventory includes household cleaning items. Pine cleaners, all pourpose cleaners, disinfectants, laundry detergents, all packaged 6-12 per case and sold in 64-72 case pallets.

Aie Pharmaceuticals [USA , Ontairo] - Health
Remove toxins in your colon special of the month: buy 2 get 1 free. Colondin is a botanical formulation which creates a natural cleansing of the intestines and colon, thus eliminating waste matter and mucus buildup within the body, and allowing the intestines to better absorb nutrients for improved overall health. The high concentration of herbs included in Colondin has proven laxative properties and excellent in assisting the entire digestive system, which effectively binds with dangerous disease-causing toxins & waste products, therefore helps to prevent colon cancer. This blend also absorbs fats and cholesterol, and promotes the peristaltic action of the colon.

Robertson's Tree Farm [USA , Whitehouse] - Chemicals
20 % vinegar, neem oil, garlic oil, orange oil, peppermint oil in bulk drum and tote. Need cost.

Robertson's Tree Farm [USA , Whitehouse] - Auto
Unimog made in Germany and equipment that work on the unomog.

One World Trading, Inc. [USA , Boca Raton, Florida] - Food
We are seeking an importer/distributor that would be interested in contracting the annual production of 3 million boxes (20 Kg.) of bananas from a Mexican plantation 60 km outside of Villahermosa. There are 480 hectares of Gran Enano and Vallery variety bananas with a planting density of 1, 800 plants per hectare. The entire plantation has been upgraded with new, state-of-the-art infrastructure including water/fertilization systems, 2 fully automated greenhouses and shaded nursery area, and an aerial trolley system is in place to transport the fuit to the packing houses. There are 5 deeps wells 120 mts. each and holding tanks with a total capacity of 231, 000 m3. Production begins last week of October. Price indication is $4.80/box of fruit (box not included) and can be guaranteed for 90, 180 days, etc. subject to final negotiation. Looking for long-term contract relationship.

Marshalls Auto Sales & Details [USA , Elizabethtown] - Auto
Would like to buy scooters by the plallet at a very low cost about 100 dollars.

Super Phone [USA , Pensacola] - Internet
We offer US phone lines, any where in the world, using high speed internet services.

Landol Computer Inc [USA , Gainesville] - Services
Pease visit our website for details of the trade show. We will be starting one of the largest computer/electronic trade show all year round in one permanent place. This is new concept of computer show compared to the traditional show which opens once a quarter in one city. Our show is a single place for the retailers, wholesalers, and distributors from Southern east areas. Grand opening will be on 29th of November, 2003. The size of the trade show will be 100, 000 to 150, 000 sq. ft

Aco Corporation Inc. [USA , Norfolk] - Others
Manufacturer of beech/birch rc veneers; custom plywood {seat frames and back, bent parts, drawer parts}; solidwood chair parts.Company have its Headquarters Office in USA and production facilities in Ukraine. The vast dense forest resources and inexpensive quality labor of our production facilities are clear indications for our competitively priced products.

Aie Pharmaceuticals [USA , Ontario] - Health
Small breast solutions Breastone is a revolutionary blend of organically grown herbs that safely and effectively help enhance women's breast size by increasing the amount of cells in the mammary glands. Breastone: Naturally increases breast size· Helps regulate female hormones· Enhances breast fullness, firmness and size ·Naturally promotes female hormone balance ·Helps relieve PMS symptoms ·Increases a female’s libido. (Sex drive) ·Increases a female’s ability to achieve enhanced orgasms·No adverse side affects ·No daily exercises ·Promotes weight.

Jrb Logistics [USA , Miami] - Services
Provider of Ocean and Air transportation services from the US or any where in the world. Great rates and JIT deliveries. Contact me with any shipping question weather air or ocean, and I will quote you rates. I woant to become your one source transportation company worldwide.

Mighty International [USA , Moon Township] - Raw
We are looking for buyers for zinc skimming, we can supply over 200 ton per month. Please contact us if you are interested.

Aie Pharmaceuticals [USA , Ontario] - Health
Hepatitis treatment miracle. Livral Complex is an all-natural blend of herbal extracts found to protect and restore the function of your liver while balancing your immune system. Also protects the liver from damage associated with autoimmunity, inflammation, oxidation, and infections such as hepatitis viruses.Livral Complex inhibits growth and cytopathology of several unrelated DNA and RNA viruses, while not affecting cell activity and ability to replicate. In addition, inactivates virus particles irreversibly.

Cardinal Safety Products [USA , Barberton] - Security
Our company has been in business since 1962. Our headquarters are in Barberton, Ohio USA. We offer personal protective equipment. (Safety Equipment for industrial, chemical, and construction) We also offer medical safety equipment.

Aie Pharmaceuticals [USA , Usa] - Health
Control blood sugar levels cevrogin is unique herbal blend manufactured by a patented process to exacting quality standards. Cevrogin helps to lower blood glucose levels in type ii diabetics and mitigates the underlying pathologies and developed complications associated with this condition. The ingredients in Cevrogin have been the focus of numerous studies validating their use. Cevrogin is designed for: Counteracting diabetes. Regulate the blood sugar level. Improve pancreas function. Purify the blood. Improve spleen function. Strengthen digestion. Improve metabolism. Reduce fat. Dissolve Tumors.

Linwood Mitchell [USA , Kailua] - Toys
Beaded pillows. "The unreal pillow" says it all. The absolute softest pillow ever felt. Whoever feels it, wants one and has to have one. Looking for importers and/or distributors. Every retailer shown has purchased this product. A can't miss winner. Contact us before someone else does.

Used Computer Shop [USA , Ny] - Computers
Used Monitors Specifications MONITORS: Tier 1 SVGA Monitors - (Mainly Compaq, IBM, HP, Dell) - Complete with Bases, No Screen Burn, Tested/Working, 30 Day Warranty.Available by 20’ and 40’ container (10 day shipment lead-time) 15” SVGA, Dual Voltage, Date Codes 97+, Complete with Bases - $21 USD17” SVGA, Dual Voltage, Date Codes 97+, Complete with Bases - $31 USDMin order container.

Used Computer Shop [USA , Ny] - Computers
Used computers.Specifications desktops Tier 1 manufacturers - (mainly Compaq, IBM, HP, Dell) Tested/Working, all systems checked for booting/working cosmetics. No operating System ($40.00 Extra) Available by 20'(approx. 600 units) and 40'(approx. 1200 units) containers; 10 day shipment lead-time.P2/266 64 MB RAM/2.5-4.5 GB HD/CD.Mouse/KB ($27.00 USD ea.)Min order container.

Qualtrade [USA , Miami] - Agriculture
We are a import/export company here in USA and deal in rice trading with offices and Rice Mill in Pakistan.. We can supply you the top quality rice with the best pricing from our Home Country Pakistan... Following are the examples of the quality specs that we can offer. If interested send us a detailed and serious inquiry and we will come up with the best offer.Packaging can be in Jute, cotton and PP bags Price Terms: CIF

Transatlantic Trading Inc. [USA , Gales Ferry] - Agriculture
New Crop California WalnutsInshell US #1 Jumbo Hartley Walnuts Bleached50# or 25kg, CA.1. bags$.80 US per pound FOB Oakland, CA USAWalnut KernelsCombo Halves & Pieces 25# cases $1.85 US per pound.Light Halves & Pieces 20 S.

Aquaplant.Bnf Imp [USA , Mahattan N.Y.N.Y] - Agriculture
We have patented product. We search wholesalers distributors in America and Europe for this product.

Aie Pharmaceuticals [USA , Ontario] - Health
ArthiPro formula is a unique herbal formula and has been researched, tested & proved to stimulate cartilage production and to help control enzymes that destroy the cartilage thus slowing or reducing osteoarthritis. ArthiPro can give permanent relief from pain, swelling and deformity. It has also been effective in relieving the symptoms of other autoimmune illnesses. ArthiPro works for both rheumatoid and osteoarthritis as giving someone 70 to 100% relieves from their arthritic pain and swelling.

Aie Pharmaceuticals [USA , Ontario] - Health
Livral Complex is an all-natural blend of herbal extracts found to protect and restore the function of your liver while balancing your immune system. Also protects the liver from damage associated with autoimmunity, inflammation, oxidation, and infections such as hepatitis viruses.Livral Complex inhibits growth and cytopathology of several unrelated DNA and RNA viruses, while not affecting cell activity and ability to replicate. In addition, inactivates virus particles irreversibly.

Aie Pharmaceuticals [USA , Ontario] - Health
We have one of the best natural hair formula in the world, which has developed unique, patented, multi-ingredient hair formulas that address all the known factors in the balding process. HairGro Formula is a multi-agent natural formula and the most potent natural hair growth formula without side effect you can buy. It includes every type of natural hair-remedy agent available to counter the DHT, autoimmune, and inflammatory effects that are at the root of hair loss and baldness.

The Atkins Group [USA , Murrayville] - Consulting
We are leader in company start ups, Marketing and product launching. We would be delighted to help in any of these areas. Please contact us.

Aie Pharmaceuticals [USA , Ontario] - Health
Healthy Prostate Support "Discover how a breakthrough combination of 7 powerful healing herbs can flush prostate disorders out of your body!"Prostatien helps to End frequent middle-of-the-night trips to the bathroom.Relieve pain and discomfort associated with an enlarged prostate. Boost your urinary flow, no more dribbling or straining. Reverse dignity-robbing incontinence. Stop sudden -- even uncontrollable-- urges to urinate.Restore your sexual functioning.

Aie Pharmaceuticals [USA , Ontario] - Health
Prevent high blood pressure cholestrien is a revolutionary formulation that helps to reduce LDL (bad) cholesterol while increasing HDL (good) cholesterol. Cholestrien contains a unique combination of natural ingredients that are highly recommended in inhibiting the body’s ability to absorb dietary fat and maintaining cholesterol levels thereby helping to prevent high blood pressure and heart attacks. The effect of Cholestrien is partially attributed to the presence of HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors, enzymes in the liver that control the amount of cholesterol produced in the liver.

Aie Pharmaceuticals [USA , Ontario] - Health
Herbal colon detoxifier colondin creates a natural cleansing of the intestines and colon, thus eliminating waste matter and mucus buildup within the body, and allowing the intestines to better absorb nutrients for improved overall health. The high concentration of herbs included in colondin has proven laxative properties and excellent in assisting the entire digestive system, which effectively binds with dangerous disease-causing toxins & waste products, therefore helps to prevent colon cancer. This blend also absorbs fats and cholesterol, and promotes the peristaltic action of the colon.

Aie Pharmaceuticals [USA , Ontario] - Health
Female sexual enhancement VigroMax is a unique herbal blend manufactured through a patented process. VigroMax enhances sexual, mental and physical satisfaction by increasing vaginal blood flow and tissue engorgement, sexual satisfaction is achieved, making physical and mental satisfaction more attainable and also stimulating vaginal lubrication and sexual pleasure as well. VigroMax has been effective for women who report difficulty in achieving orgasm. It allows women to experience more pleasure during sexual activity after increasing sensitivity to areas of the female genital that are important in sex.

Tlc Medical Equipment Corp. [USA , Miami] - Health
We manufacture dialysis products (dialyzers, bloodlines, fistulas). We are FDA and CE approved. Looking for distributors worldwide.

Phoenix-Batteries, Inc. [USA , Coral Springs, Florida] - Others
Powersonic, Yuasa, Panasonic, AC Delco, Automotive batteries, Optima, Lifeline, Odyssey, CSB, Power, MK, and Hawker-Gates are some of the major brands we carry. We also carry batteries for your laptop, UPS, emergency systems, telecommunications and marine applications. Our goal is to provide you with the best products in the market, second-to-none customer service, fast delivery and fair prices. Do not hesitate to place your order, it is totally secure! If the battery you need is not listed, please call or email us with the part/model number on the battery and we will find it for you!

Eos Estate Winery [USA , Paso Robles] - Food
45th biggest California winery, family owned, looking for exported already in many countries. Award wining wines, with full Marketing budgets behind them.Exporting in the U.K, Switzerland, Germany, Japan, Thailand, Korea, Taiwan, Hongkong, Canada.We give exclusivity to our importers/distributors.We will be holding Stock in Antwerp, so there no pressure on big quantities to be ordered. We are not looking to sell massive amounts, but just to be present in your market.Please contact if interested at the email above. Thank you for your time.

Mojo [USA , Lafayette] - Others
Looking for a company that makes high quality poker chips. I need them for cheap. Please email me if intrested.

American Building Technologies Inc [USA , Lllinois] - Construction
We have received information about your organization from a contact in your country and convinced that our product range could be a good addition to your current activities.We are pleased to introduce ourselves as exporters of Alubond U.S.A. Aluminium composite panels. Some of the major International Landmark buildings around the World including New Concourse Dubai International Airport TD-48 (50, 000m2) have been cladded with Alubond U.S.A!We are seeking a Distributor in your territory who can stock and sell our range for the entire country. Please advise us your interest. Product range of 1mm to 6mm, product finish color charts in solids, metallics, veneer, granite, double shaded chameleons, arctic figure textures, world wide project references, distributor agreement terms and export price list.

D.W. Stamps Financial Services [USA , Portland, Oregon] - Internet
Make big money on the internet! Get the hottest internet wealth-building information and secrets to promote your business, products and services on the worldwide internet and make big money!

Madison Kade & Co [USA , - Trade
America's #1 wholesale merchandise distributor with thousands of high-margi nation1al

Elsom Research Co,. Inc. [USA , San Antonio] - Chemicals
We are an innovative biotechnology company developing, manufacturing novel High Impact Category:al Formulations for the advancement of skin such as skin-care, pharmaceuticals, and para-pharmaceuticals, and marketing cosmetical and dermaceuticals including anabolizers, moisturizers, anti-aging serum and formulations for people with wrinkles, acne, eczema, whiteheads or blackheads, and specialty skin-care formulations for diabetics, cancer patients and for people with very sensitive skin. Some of the products are available for sale online in the USA.

Cherri Blossom Creations [USA , Hemet] - Gift and Handcraft Industry
I'm loking for a place to buy yarn wholesale. I was doing a search on TMA Yarn. I would be willing to export some of my finished products if I have more information on how to do that.

Ccmr [USA , Tennesse] - Services
Business services, software development, consultancy & project management, IT enabled services & solutions, telecom & voip solutions, media & call center solutions, business process outsourcing (BPO) facility management(health, finance, telecom, human resources), LAN, wan & VPN solutions, electronic & digital product marketing, content management services, design, development training in online e-learning, it related, enabled domain & project management, ISP & web design services, maintenance & support, computer hardware peripherals, international trade (exim solutions), joint venture relationship program, turnkey project management, R&D in it related and enabled areas, manpower deployment & re-sourcing.

Dermapeutics [USA , Hayward, Ca] - Cosmetics
We are a premier manufacturer of skin care in the USA. We offer the newest, most cutting edge technology in our new skin care line. We are looking for distribution opportunities in Europe. Contact us at the email address listed.

The Greatest Vitamin In The World [USA , Gig Harbor, Wa] - Health
Introducing... the greatest vitamin in the world nutritionally supports the whole body using only the highest grade natural nutrients. If you were to try to duplicate this formula it would cost over $379 for one bottle. Try a bottle now 100% risk free! only $38.+ S&H only.Do it for yourself, and your loved ones. Try to prove me wrong, today.

The American Quilt Company Ltd. [USA , New York, Ny] - Garment
We offering a fantastic deal on excess inventory of its exclusive children's quilt "American Heroes" for only $30 per unit. The quilt is constructed of high quality 100% cotton with poly-filler and has gorgeous hand and machine appliqued bears wearing adorable uniforms of children's favorite heroes. The quilt measures 46" x 50" and comes in a blue or pink color version. The quilts also feature concealed loops so it can be used as a wall-hanging. All quilts come packed in a plastic, ziplock bag. Buy by the case or in bulk. Blue quilts=20 per

Gmdc Trading Co [USA , Hicksville] - Trade
30, 000 BPD per day oil refinery available for sale. Made from Stainless Steel, dismantled and ready to be shipped. The oil refinery currently in USA. Price US$20mln. Oil refinery with capacity 100, 000 BPD and 8500BPD available as well. For specifications please contact.

Gmdc Trading Co [USA , Hicksville] - Trade
For sale: new / never used 500 M/W (60Hz) and 780 M/W (50Hz) power plants. This massive system would run a city with over 500, 000 + people in it. The power station is boxed up ready to be shipped. Price US$120m-US$125m as is where is basis. Inquiries without LOI and BCL will be ignored.

Gmdc Trading Co [USA , Hicksville] - Trade
Unused 1.2 M Ton per year dry process technology Cement Plant. Ready to be shipped. Price US$50M on as is where is basis. Turnkey basis also available.

Gmdc Trading Co [USA , Hicksville] - Trade
New and used municipal and hazardous waste incinerators.Offered on as is where is or on turnkey basis. For additional information please contact.

Gmdc Trading Co [USA , Hicksville] - Trade
Military hospital for sale. A United States Military Hospital that was located in Germany 2 operating halls, children station, ear-nose-mouth station & dental station. Asking price US$5Million on a as is where is basis. A replacement value would cost in the region of US$17Million. The equipment is up to date and considered advanced technology new and old mixed.

Gmdc Trading Co [USA , Hicksville] - Trade
Offered complete design, manufacture, and install turnkey stone manufacturing plant. The system can be used to process stones of any shapes or for the recycling of rejects from other stone finishing processes. It can also be used to process for the first time multiple shapes and patterns on tiles, slabs and free standing parts.

Seamax Llc [USA , Warwick] - Seafood
Fresh seafood. Poultry for shipping to Europe.Please email for prices and product list.Letter of Credit a MUST for all export orders.

Foreigntradeexchange.Com [USA , Westboro] - Trade
We match buyers with leading manufacturers of industrial supplies, equipment and machinery in over 202 countries and areas. Trade Leads worth $Billions. Come to trade, network, source and meet with buyers and sellers. Develop trading partnerships. Locate leading manufacturers. View vital commercial information. Import-export country guides. Industrial trade shows calendar. Absolutely free search. No registration.

Valley Supplies [USA , Brooklyn] - Computers
We are is one of the leading wholesalers in the US dealing with copier and fax OEM/original supplies (sorry, but we currently do not sell any generic or compatible brands) we specialize in Canon, Mita, Minolta/QMS, Toshiba, Panasonic, Lanier, Muratec, Tektronix, Sharp and some Xerox.Attached please note our current specials that we have, and please let me know your current needs of items with quantities and I shall get back to you with our pricing.

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